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 Cecilia Distefano,

There are hundreds of dog toys available in pet stores and supermarkets for small dogs - but what do you get for your large furry friend?

Melbourne woman Cecilia Distefano, who is active in the greyhound rescue community, decided to start her own business creating large toys for large dogs - greyhounds, rotweilers and labradors to name a few - when she saw a gap in the market.

And her giant plush toys, called Cuddlepillars, are not for the faint-hearted - one is the length of a two-seater couch.

"Big dogs have unique needs when it comes to toys, and providing them with appropriately sized toys, such as our giant plush toys, offers many benefits," she said.

"Big dogs often have a reputation for being cuddly goofballs, and having a large toy acts as a comforting snuggle buddy or even a cozy pillow. They are perfect companions for these gentle giants and provide a sense of security.

"Safety is another critical aspect to consider when choosing toys for big dogs. Small toys can pose a choking hazard, especially when a dog's larger mouth and stronger bite force come into play."

Greyhound with big plus toy

Ms Distefano said big toys also offered dogs enrichment.

"These intelligent and active canines require mental and physical stimulation to lead fulfilling lives, and big toys offer an opportunity for dogs to engage in interactive play, encouraging them to wrestle, pounce, and engage their natural instincts," she said.

Cecilia donates part profits of her business to animal rescue charities around the well, including Greyhounds Adoptions WA and Greyt Greys Rescue,

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