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rumble boxing

Rumble Boxing, a world famous workout founded in New York with a long list of celebrity fans, has made its way to Australia.

Rumble is the hottest workout in fitness right now. It has widespread appeal, thanks to attracting top names like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Jason Derulo and Kevin Hart to its studios.

Rumble Boxing has truly made its mark for not only providing a solid workout but for making the workout an experience to remember.

About the workout

Rumble delivers explosive, full-body, boxing-inspired group fitness designed for all levels.

You’ll spend half of the class exploring the sweet science of boxing with our aqua-filled, teardrop boxing bags and the other half of class with the transformative power of strength training.

Each 45-minute fight is split into 10, 3-minute rounds that are programmed to custom Rumble-only playlists – you’ll walk into an inclusive environment, greeted with a fist bump, and walk out sweat-drenched and maxed out with an endorphin high.

The circuit-style classes pack a big endorphin rush and fat burning effects, in addition to:

● More confidence, coordination and stamina

● Increased metabolism, muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness

● Improved muscular endurance, core strength and power

● Physically, you'll build strength from head-to-toe while mentally challenging yourself in a healthy way to relieve stress.

You may see first-time boxers next to Rumble pros or amateur fighters. No matter your fitness level, we squad up and Rumble together. If you missed a move, the combos are on display for you to follow along!

Rumble has already secured several locations including St Leonards, Bondi, South Melbourne, West End, Subiaco, Innaloo, Barangaroo, Surry Hills, Five Dock, Broadbeach and Manly.

There are 30 locations open in Australia across the Boutique Fitness Studios brands, and 90 licensed, with more to come.

rumble boxing

About Rumble in Australia

Brendan James and Matt Gordin are brother- in-laws and close friends who secured the master franchising rights to Rumble Boxing in Australia under their brand, Boutique Fitness Studios.

After graduating from university together, Matt chose to pursue a career in business, while Brendan ventured into the world of options trading.

Brendan's trading expertise eventually led him to Chicago, while Matt's entrepreneurial spirit took him to Los Angeles to explore various business ventures.

Despite their differing career paths, both Matt and Brendan shared a passion for the fitness industry.

They had an opportunity to experience Xponential, a prominent player in the boutique fitness space, and were thoroughly impressed by the brand's comprehensive offering, innovative business model, and global success in franchising complementary boutique fitness concepts.

Inspired by their exposure to Xponential, Matt decided to bring CycleBar, the largest indoor cycling brand, back with him to their hometown.

Meanwhile, Brendan, after retiring from trading, embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey by developing Club Pilates.

As the number of brands under their belts grew and the opportunities to scale effectively in Australia became more apparent, Brendan and Matt decided to join forces under the Boutique Fitness Studios (BFS) name, offering a portfolio of four distinct fitness brands under one umbrella.

This strategic collaboration allowed them to leverage their combined expertise and resources to expand their reach and impact in the industry.

With over 30 open locations and 90 studios already sold across the BFS group, their business continues to flourish with a focus on further expansion and providing strong support for franchise owners.

The latest addition to their lineup, Rumble, has quickly become one of the hottest brands in the market, gaining significant popularity.

Excited about its potential, Brendan and Matt have plans to open five new Rumble studios this year, further solidifying their position in the boutique fitness industry.

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