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Kirra Graham with a dog

An innovative Aussie family have created a range of natural products to help dogs with itchy skin conditions and gut health.

Pet Drs worked with leading veterinarians to create products for dogs that focus on improving gut health and treating the skin from the inside out to manage itchy skin.

Pet Drs was founded by Kirra Graham, whose parents, Shannon and Geoff Graham, created an all-natural eczema cream that generates over $20 million annually worldwide.

Kirra says they created a dog-friendly version of this popular cream to help dogs with skin conditions. According to pet insurance claims, skin conditions are the number 1 reason for massive vet bills, costing owners an average of $520 each visit.

And she warned feeding your dog poor-quality supermarket pet food can lead to eczema and other skin conditions.

“It’s a crime that such easily preventable skin conditions are causing pets distress and their owners a financial burden during the cost-of-living crisis," Kirra, pictured above, said.

"Steroid treatments, in both humans and pets, are a quick fix that doesn’t deal with the problem.

"The all-natural topical treatments our family pioneered over 20 years ago are now being put to good use with dogs, and the turnaround results have to be seen to be believed.

"And because you have to treat the inside in order to treat the outside, Pet Drs has also introduced a range that improves a dog’s gut health, which includes a powerful combination of Phytoplankton Omega & Multi and Prebiotic & Probiotic.”


Bulldog scratching

Nicole Rous is an integrative vet where the majority of her Melbourne dog clients have skin disorders resulting from diets of highly processed, cheap pet foods, which cause gut issues.

“Each day, I have owners coming to me for a second opinion following a previous vet diagnosis that didn’t fix the problem," she said.

"I believe not enough emphasis is placed on pet nutrition, and this is the major reason why 30% of dogs in Australia have skin conditions.

"Supermarket pet food is packed full of cheap carbohydrates and high rancid fats, which leads to an imbalance in the gut.

"A leaky gut in dogs allows food not to be processed properly and triggers inflammation in the body.

"The major symptoms for dogs can be severe itching and skin conditions. It’s a vicious cycle that can be prevented with fresh pet food, good probiotic health supplements, and dermal cream that soothes the skin.”


Education has always been paramount for the Graham family. “We had a TikTok account called The Eczema Diaries with 183,000 followers and 7.8 million likes that was taken down because our images were too confronting,” Kirra said.

“We believe our social media posts are a valid education tool – people and pets who are suffering from eczema can learn there are treatments other than strong and expensive medications.

"Our family has devoted the last 20 years to helping relieve severe eczema naturally, and I'm so excited we are now offering similar outcomes for pet owners.”


Shannon and Geoff Graham founded Grahams Natural 19 years ago in their Brisbane kitchen, driven by the need to find natural ways to treat their son’s severe eczema, a condition that affects one in eight children and one in 12 adults. with no known cure.

Kirra joined her parents' mission in 2018 when she noticed many customers were inquiring about the safety of using their products on their itchy pets.


Recognising the opportunity, Kirra and her mother began working with experts to develop pet-safe alternatives based on the principles that made Grahams Natural a success.

The correlation between pet health and diet is undeniable, and it has profound implications for their overall well-being, says Kirra.

“Australian supermarkets are a cesspit of poor-quality foods that can be dangerous for dogs with pre-existing skin conditions. Just like humans with eczema, certain foods can amplify the seriousness of a rash.


“A critical aspect lies in the gastrointestinal system, where 60-85% of the immune system originates. A simple meal of supermarket pet food, especially kibble, can be torture for many pets.

"Peer-reviewed studies have shown that the starch content in kibble has been associated with inflammation and an insulin level surge.

"Furthermore, a restricted diet that lacks variety will compromise the diversity of a pet's gut microbiome, as it limits the range of beneficial bacteria.

"This imbalance in gut bacteria can manifest in various health issues, such as itchy skin, inflammation, and yeast infections.

"A diverse and balanced diet that includes whole, nutrient-rich foods is essential for maintaining a healthy gut, supporting the immune system, and promoting overall pet health," Kirra said.



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