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Want to grab some beachside bliss? Aussies are planning to not only get to the beach early, but spend more time there this summer, as temperatures soar and the cost of living bites .

New research from ING reveals the lengths Aussie beachgoers are going to enjoy the perfect beach day, as 6.2 million plan more time on the sand this summer.

Space is set to be at a premium with a fifth (20%) of Aussies planning to hit the sand before 9am to set up.

Only 9% say the earliest they would arrive at the beach is midday – but later arrivals beware, as almost two thirds (65%) also say beachgoers should leave at least one metre between neighbours.

Nearly nine in ten (86%) Aussie beachgoers state the rising cost of living has made them more likely to seek out free activities to participate in this summer, with more than half (54%) saying the fact it’s free is their main reason for spending more time on the beach.

Almost four in ten (38%) state they plan to spend more time at the beach to escape the predicted hot temperatures, with 21% planning to save costs on air conditioning by using the ocean to cool down.

But despite the beach being a free activity, beachgoers are willing to spend an average of $230, rising to $306 for Aussie families, on items such as canopies, picnics and beach chairs to elevate their beach day.

The research also revealed Aussie beachgoers biggest pet-peeves from litter on the sand (74%), to walking through others’ beach setups (73%). Even the placement of your umbrella, time spent by the BBQ or swim spot are key to the perfect, considerate beach day out.

To help Aussie’s navigate the summer season, here are your ultimate beach etiquette tips:

1. Keep the space: 62% of Aussie beachgoers say overcrowding and others not respecting their space is a major pet peeve and beachgoers should always respect their neighbours on the sand.

2. Respect the grill: Two in five (39%) Aussie beachgoers say unclean BBQs are their biggest pet peeve when spending the day at the beach, and 49% say others shouldn’t hog the BBQs.

3. Clean it up: 86% of Aussies agree to never leave rubbish behind on the sand and surrounding areas.

4. Throwing shade: Six in ten (59%) Aussies agree you shouldn’t encroach on a fellow beachgoer’s sun when setting up their own sunshade.

5. Shake it off: 77% of Aussies ask others to be mindful of where you shake their towel.

Bondi Rescue lifeguard Andrew Reid
Bondi Rescue lifeguard Andrew Reid

To help Aussies kick off the summer with the ultimate beach day, ING has launched Little Lifts: Beach Edition, running from December 8-10 in Cronulla.

In partnership with Bondi Rescue lifeguard Andrew Reid, ING is giving its customers an awesome beachside popup experience in Cronulla for free which includes free gelato, table service gourmet sausage sizzle, and live acoustic performances to help Aussies elevate their beach day, without the expensive price tag.

Andrew said he witnesses many of the expectations Aussies have for a day at the beach.

“As a lifeguard I see how much people love coming to the beach and enjoy going for a swim. But I also hear their bugbears – a big one is .... large crowds which is a common challenge for Sydneysiders.

“In my experience, if you respect your fellow beachgoers and swim between the flags, you’re guaranteed to have a great day at the beach, but it helps to have those minor inconveniences taken away with experiences such as ING’s Little Lifts beach pop-up.”



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