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Embracing the great outdoors is the leading trend for 2024 travellers, says Camplify, an industry leader in caravan, campervan and motorhome rentals. From reconnecting with nature to embracing the freedom of the open road, here are the top five 2024 travel trends.

1. Travel Smart, Reap the Rewards

With the cost of living firmly in people’s minds, many travellers are focusing on smarter ways to plan their holidays, considering the most cost-effective ways and looking for tips and tricks to save money.

On average, a weekend trip in an RV for a family of four costs $649, while a week trip costs $1,311 - including transport, accommodation and daily spending money.

With nightly caravan site rates costing around $40, this is comparably lower than a trip involving catching a domestic flight and hotel accommodation. 

2. Rediscovering Favourites with Repeat Trips

In Australia, the trend of opting for repeat trips is gaining momentum.

Camplify sees 35% of repeat customer bookings, indicating that after trying once, many people view road tripping as a way they can travel more regularly, fitting in weekend trips to visit places that have become special to them.


3. Wellness on Wheels - Relax, De-Stress, and Recharge

The demand for wellness-focused travel experiences resonates strongly with Australian travellers. As we all know, travel is not just about the destination; it's about the journey and the experience.

In a recent study commissioned by Camplify, 79% of respondents said that the current financial and societal climate has affected their well-being.

And 66% said a holiday would likely relieve their stress, with 71% saying that’s the very reason they will be going away.

4. Reducing our environmental  impact through conscientious travel

Sustainability is a key focus for Australian travellers, with a growing concern over travelling sustainably and reducing their impact on the environment.

Many are opting to be environmentally conscious during their travels, including avoiding air travel, contributing to the circular economy by renting an RV rather than buying, travelling closer to home where possible, adopting eco-friendly driving habits, such as maintaining a steady speed, avoiding unnecessary idling, and using cruise control on highways and packing light to keep vehicles light and fuel efficient. 

Conscientious travel also includes conscious packing such as reusable water bottles, utensils, and containers to reduce single-use plastic waste, as well as supporting local farmers' markets and restaurants that offer locally sourced, organic, and sustainable food options.

5. Extended Travel and Micro-Travelling Adventures

The trend of micro-travelling, with 3-4 week journeys exploring multiple destinations and their surroundings, isn’t just limited to overseas travellers, with Aussies keen to explore their backyard for longer stints of time.

While weekend getaways will remain popular with most Australians, the freedom of driving in an RV and the continued trend of flexible working means people can travel for up to multiple weeks at a time without disrupting their day-to-day and while visiting bucket list destinations. 



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