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Terry Jones

A leading Australian cosmeceutical skincare company has introduced functional foundation - where skincare meets make-up - just in time for Spring,.

Meet EnviroVeil: an intelligent, liquid mineral high-performance foundation featuring active skincare ingredients that offers broad-spectrum SPF30 and environmental protection.

Australian skin scientist, cosmetic chemist and Founder of Synergie Skin, Terri (Vinson) Jones, pictured, said the silky, light-reflective formula would leave your skin with a dewy, radiant glow whilst simultaneously providing an antioxidant-rich veil against UVA, UVB, blue light and environmental pollution.

“Especially in Australia where we experience some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world, functional foundation is an absolute must," she said.

“A spring-suitable foundation is one that not only delivers flawless coverage that looks luminous but also, contains adequate protection to shield the skin from environmental damage.

“Foundations that are infused with skincare ingredients offer long-term benefits that regular foundations simply do not.

"During spring in particular, this is hugely beneficial for a look that’s light-reflective all day, every day, while actively shielding the skin from the harsh impacts of environmental aggressors."

Terri said when you choose a foundation for the warmer months, there were four key environmental protections to look for in the formula of a functional foundation: solar protection, antioxidant protection, antioxidant benefits and ingredients for added hydration.

"We’ve worked hard on this formula to ensure the right balance of antioxidant and solar protection for dewy and radiant skin.," she said.

"It’s a foundation that feels so silky and is suitable for everyday use, with nine shades available and just a small amount needed for sheer to medium coverage.."

Also, as a brand committed to increasing sustainability, the new EnviroVeil product tubes are made from sugarcane packaging, which has a 50 per cent better carbon footprint than conventional plastic tubes.

Model with Synergie

Terri said she founded Synergie Skin because she is "a self-confessed skin nerd" on a mission to use science to cut through the hype in the skincare industry and help everyone feel truly confident in their skin.

"At the heart of Synergie Skin is my ‘clean science’ philosophy – that is, a commitment to marrying the best of laboratory-synthesised ingredients with the best naturally derived ingredients to create effective, clean skincare, free from questionable ingredients and that most importantly improves the long-term health of your skin," she said.

Terri said she believed foundation should be more than just colour - it should also have a function.

"EnviroVeil is ideal for the warmer seasons because this highly intelligent mineral foundation shields your skin from environmental damage, providing effective protection against UVA, UVB, and blue light whilst reversing skin ageing effects.

EnviroVeil is intelligent, liquid mineral high-performance foundation that features active skincare ingredients, including:

Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxides for solar protection: Mineral zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provide broad-spectrum sun protection benefits. Iron oxides also block HEV (blue visible light), which is especially beneficial for those with hyperpigmentation and melasma. Zinc oxide is also a hero ingredient for reducing skin irritation and inflammation.

Polygonum aviculare for antioxidant protection: This botanical flavonoid concentrate protects against the negative effects of solar radiation and environmental free radical damage.

Lycopene for additional antioxidant benefits: A potent antioxidant that neutralises skin-damaging free radicals and is clinically proven to reduce UVB-induced skin damage.

Betaine for hydration: An ingredient is a humectant that balances water levels in skin cells whilst enhancing fibroblast growth and collagen production.



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