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tahiti bungalows

Tahiti is a mesmerising tropical paradise known for its breathtaking landscapes, with lush green mountains, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and pristine white sandy beaches.

The vibrant and diverse marine life in the surrounding coral reefs makes it a haven for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

The rich Polynesian culture adds a unique and immersive experience, with traditional music, dance, and cuisine that captivates visitors.

Travelling from Australia is costly, however, and those gorgeous overwater bungalows do not come cheap. But it's a destination you will never, ever forget.

Here's four great things about Tahiti:

1.You can relax in an overwater bungalow: Tahiti’s iconic style of accommodation, overwater bungalows, are among the best in the world and the ultimate bucket list stay. Enjoy an intimate and relaxing stay in an overwater bungalow, surrounded by the crystal-clear turquoise water, of the Pacific Ocean and vibrant tropical marine life.

2. Endless underwater experiences: With its azure blue lagoons, colourful fringing reefs and the deep Pacific Ocean surrounding the islands, it’s no surprise that the Islands of Tahiti are perfect for underwater experiences including snorkelling, diving, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing and many more.

It’s easy to jump in with a snorkel in hand at a beach or resort or learn more about the local marine life with a day tour.

For those who love underwater adventures, add Rangiroa Atoll to your list and explore the world’s second-largest atoll, known for its impressive snorkelling and diving sites.

tahiti island

3. Tahitian waterfalls: The Islands of Tahiti have many natural wonders, including impressive waterfalls spread across the islands. Most falls require a short walk to reach, but the ever-flowing falls and natural pools at the bottom make it worth it.

The three Faarumai Waterfalls are the most famous falls in The Islands of Tahiti, located in the northeast corner of Tahiti and are accessed by a short hike in the lush forest - definitely an adventure to add to your bucket list.

4. Unleash your inner thrill-seeker. There are many adventurous experiences to choose from, including hiking excursions, horseback riding, off-road 4WD adventures, tours of local pineapple and vanilla plantations and even skydiving high above turquoise lagoons.

The 118 islands have plenty of activities that you can be enjoy.



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