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Ginger and Carman

Fancy trying out pole dancing or flying a drone? Both unexpected hobbies are on older Aussies' New Year Resolution lists.

To celebrate 2024, TikTok fashion stars, Ginger & Carman (pictured) - who have more than 353,000 followers - are encouraging older Aussies to embrace new passions and hobbies.

And new research, commissioned by Amazon Australia, has revealed that nearly half (48%) of Australians aged 60 and above have set their sights on taking up a new hobby in 2024. 

It also showed:

  • More than 56,000 older Aussies are planning to take up pole dancing, and over 130,000 want to try skydiving

  • One in three (33%) plan to take up a new sport or physical hobby this New Year.

  • One in seven (16%) are eyeing a new tech hobby, with around 227,000 planning to take to the skies with drone flying, over 78,000 looking to create content for social media, and nearly 57,000 trying their hand at coding. 

  • One in 20 older Aussies is planning to take up a musical hobby this year, with over 59,000 intending to take up the electric guitar.

  • 6% of older Aussies plan to start volunteering in 2024.

Melbourne based Ginger & Carman have created content highlighting “New Year, More You”, where the pair show themselves taking part in a range of their favourite hobbies thanks to Amazon Australia.

From ‘making more memories’ with new content creator gear, to ‘more dancing’ with Bluetooth headphones and ‘more self-care’ with an at-home ice bath and paint set. 

“Ageing isn’t about feeling young; it’s about feeling good and embracing life with enthusiasm.," the pair said.

"January is the perfect time to do the thing you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know where to start or perhaps were too nervous to try. It’s not New Year, new you… but simply MORE you!”



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