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Photo: Kate McAllister

Kate McAllister is a Perth based photographer who specialises in newborn photography. Here, she talks about why her job is so special.

In a world that seems to spin faster than we can keep up, there's something truly special about holding onto those early moments with your newborn.

In-home newborn photography captures these fleeting memories, preserving the heartbeat of your family's story.

When it comes to newborn sessions, simplicity is key. 

Forget about stiff poses and rigid schedules—here, it's all about embracing your baby's natural rhythm and personality and capturing those genuine moments that will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

Babies feet
Photo: Kate McAllister

Your baby calls the shots; whether they're snoozing peacefully or wide awake and ready to explore the world. A lifestyle session at home captures it all - every adorable expression and tender cuddle along the way.

Those early days can be an absolute whirlwind, which is why in-home sessions are all about creating a cozy space where you can kick back, relax, and soak in those newborn snuggles without any added stress or pressure.

And as for your home? Trust me, it's the perfect backdrop for your family's story. Whether it's a cozy corner in the nursery or a sun-soaked spot in the living room, an in-home shoot is all about finding those intimate nooks and crannies that radiate with warmth and character.

Capture these moments now, storing away the giggles and adorable chaos of your little ones before they grow taller than you!

mum and newborn
Photo: Kate McAllister



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