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Kangaroo Island

South Australia’s Kangaroo Island has been named one of the best places to visit in 2024 - along with Japan, Tuscany and Greece.

Global travel authority Lonely Planet unveiled its top destinations to visit with the release of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024.  

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024 delivers new takes on popular destinations such as Japan,  Tuscany, Italy and Mexico, and unearths some lesser-known gems like Uzbekistan, Ikaria, Greece and  Izmir, Turkey.

Slow Travel, a favourite topic with Lonely Planet readers, is celebrated by highlighting the Camino Portuguese hiking trail and the continued rise of night trains in Europe. 

Featured in the Top 10 Best Value category, the Southern Lakes and Central Otago regions of New  Zealand (including the towns of Queenstown and Wanaka), beckons travellers to embrace a leisurely pace,  reduce their environmental impact and enjoy new cycling routes, rich local culture, and exquisite cuisine  and wines. 

Ranked as #2 in the prestigious Top 10 Regions in the world, Kangaroo Island in South Australia  proudly showcases its distinct local produce, abundant native wildlife, natural experiences, and some  of the nation's most pristine beaches.

After a resilient recovery from the devastating 2020 bushfires,  this much lauded island has re-emerged as a premier ecotourism destination in Australia with many places re-opening and is ready to realise even more of its potential in 2024. 

"Kangaroo Island provides such a quintessential Australian travel experience," Lonely Planet spokesperson Chris Zeiher - a former South Australian - said

"It's blessed with amazing beaches, offers delicious food, wine, and spirits experiences, and delivers on the drama when  it comes to outdoor adventures.

"And then there's the wildlife! It's been much lauded of late but 2024 is the year that Kangaroo Island will be set to capitalise on all of the accolades.

"Best illustrated by the reopening of the prestigious Southern Ocean Lodge and the launch of a stunning new visitors'  centre at the entrance of Flinders Chase National Park.

"Get there before the rest of the world works it  out - 2024 is the year to pop KI on your travel list.”  

Lonely Planet travel book

Best in Travel also takes time to reflect on how travel is a privilege not enjoyed by everyone in the world  in the same way.

“Travel remains a privilege, with ethnicity and nationality determining whether your journey can be made on a whim or is necessary for survival.

"Desperation drives dangerous journeys," a Lonely Planet spokesperson said.

"Many depend on transport links to escape conflict zones and other dangers the world over. In years to  come, we would love to once again wholeheartedly recommend returning to some much-loved  destinations and experiences that currently cannot be visited due to instability and conflict.

"In the  meantime, consider setting aside some of your travel budget to support those impacted by conflict and  natural disaster. “ 


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