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Photo: Averie Woodard/Unsplash

We all want that effortless, sun-kissed look with minimal effort - so it's no wonder the Lazy Girl make-up trend is viral on Tik Tok.

Millions are ditching their full-face routines and opting for a more natural, effortless look - such as influencer Kaycee Ogle, from Michigan, who has racked up 1.3 million views showing how to achieve this look - just by using self tanning lotion overnight.

The 25-year-old revealed her process and her reasons for the new habit, saying she simply doesn’t want to do her makeup every day.

“The modern-day woman in 2024 is busy and working hard,” she reportedly said.

In the video Kaycee shows how she applies a self-tanning lotion to the areas of her face that she would usually contour.

She applies self-tanner to her cheeks, eyelids and other areas before giving herself a fake-freckle look. 

She leaves it on overnight; then, in the morning, she washes her face. 

Kaycee said she’s been using this hack for about five years, and that the makeup at the end is lightweight.

So how to get the look without getting a streaky result?

The best-selling Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse from Bali Body, is the ideal product to help you achieve minimal effort and the maximum glow effect everyone wants.

Bali Body's best-selling Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse h
Bali Body's best-selling Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse

Just contour your face with it at night for the lazy girl girl make-up look, which allows you to wake in the morning with a natural glow that won't need any touch-ups.

Embracing a more natural look by cutting down on your morning makeup routine allows your skin to breathe by reducing the layers of cosmetics, helping to contribute to a healthier complexion.

Constant exposure to makeup, especially heavy products, can clog pores and lead to various skin issues, such as breakouts and irritation. Simplifying your routine enables your skin to maintain its natural balance and radiance.

Beyond the physical advantages, adopting a more natural look can save valuable time in the morning.

In our fast-paced lives, every minute counts, and streamlining your makeup routine provides an opportunity for a more relaxed and stress-free start to the day.

This extra time can be redirected towards self-care practices, such as a few moments of meditation, a nutritious breakfast, or even a brisk morning walk, all of which can significantly contribute to your overall well-being.



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