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4 Pines Beer

Discover the delicious and planet-friendly 4 Pines seaweed beer, which is helping the fight against climate change.

To celebrate Sea Forest’s amazing work, 4 Pines Brewing Co. have created a Good Beer that Gives Back, which has Aussies wondering why they’re drinking a beer with seaweed in it.

Why Is There Seaweed In My Beer?’ is a delicious Tasmanian Pilsner with a small amount of Nori seaweed – making it sweet and salty with a side of umami.

The beer has launched to promote Sea Forest’s innovative Asparagopsis seaweed-based supplement SeaFeedTM.

Livestock whose diets contain 0.2% of SeaFeedTM supplement,will have methane reductions of up to 98%.

Around 15% of global greenhouse emissions come from livestock production.

4 Pines will make a donation through its existing '1% For the Planet' funds to the Sea Forest Foundation to support their vital work to restore the giant kelp forests of Tasmania.

Sea Forest are in the business of creating solutions that help fight climate change. Besides their methane busting SeaFeedTM supplement, Sea Forest has established the Sea Forest Foundation to protect and restore local marine habitats.

The foundation recently teamed up with one of the world’s leading environmental institutions, the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS).

Together, they are embarking on the first ever forest-scale kelp restoration project in the southern hemisphere with a goal to create a natural and self-supporting giant kelp forest in Tasmania.

Sarah Turner, 4 Pines Environmental and Social Impact Advisor, said: “We heard about the good work Sea Forest do and were excited to explore how their innovative solution to address climate change by reducing agricultural emissions could be supported and promoted by the brewing industry.

“That’s why we created ‘Why Is There Seaweed In My Beer?’, which is our way of celebrating Sea Forest’s innovative solution to climate change. We’re very pleased to encourage awareness and discussion of Sea Forest’s mission.

Sam Elsom, Sea Forest CEO said: "Many important conversations have taken place over a beer and through the collaboration between 4 Pines and Sea Forest, we are excited to empower beer drinkers to learn more about the role methane plays in the climate challenge.”

4 Pines ‘Why is there seaweed in my beer?’ is available until stock lasts at Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

To find out more about 4 Pines and Sea Forest, visit our website.

About 4 Pines: 4 Pines was born following a post-surf chat at Manly between a father and his son. This casual chat turned into a 500-litre micro-brewery in Manly, where the first pint was poured in the very early days of the craft beer revolution in 2008.

From day one, 4 Pines has always set out to brew beer that the founders wanted to drink and their mates would be proud of.

In 2019, 4 Pines won Champion Beer of all entries at the Australian International Beer Awards and most recently won Champion Beer and Champion NSW Brewery at the Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Awards.

The company continues to be recognised in its founding backyard, taking home the Northern Beaches Business Sustainability Award last year.

They say it’s great to see their brewers and brewing practices get the industry recognition they deserve, but what they love the most is to see people come together and enjoy their beer.

Nearing their 6,000th brew and a growing number of venues across the country, 4 Pines takes a bit of pride in saying they have done all this while being a force for good.

4 Pines is proudly a certified B-Corp, and a member of 1% for the Planet.

About Sea Forest: Sea Forest is a science-based environmental technology company harnessing the power of Australian seaweed to drive sustainable long-term solutions to the challenges of climate change and global food security.

Sea Forest is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact on sustainability.

Through the non-profit Sea Forest Foundation, we work with the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania to restore Tasmania’s endangered native giant kelp forests.

Due to climate change, rising sea temperatures, low nutrient conditions and increasing numbers of sea urchins – over 95% of the giant kelp forests in Tasmania have perished.

The kelp forests are a vital part of the Tasmanian marine ecosystem as well as the Great Southern Reef and create underwater forests that are home to hundreds of unique species. More information at



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