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For those of us that are 5’4” or under, it can be a struggle to find the perfect pair of pants that fit in all areas, especially the length.


With that in mind, the fashion brand Redan the Label was born and fuelled by a belief that fashion should celebrate every woman's uniqueness. 

Exclusively crafted for women under 5’4” with sizes ranging from 6-14,  Redan is dedicated to embracing individuality and fostering confidence through sophisticated minimalism.


Here, Redan the Label founder Sonali Prakash talks to Lifestyle News.

Q: When did Redan launch in New Zealand and how has it been received?

A: Redan made its official debut on April 15, 2024. Three weeks into our journey, we are greatly encouraged by the flood of positive feedback.

Women, in particular, who have faced challenges in finding well-fitted pants, along with some men eager to gift them to their partners, mothers, and sisters, have expressed appreciation.

Q: Why did you decide to concentrate on women 5’4”, and under? 

A: As someone who personally belongs to this niche, I encountered challenges in finding pants that not only had the right length but also offered the desired structure and fit, including well-positioned pockets.

While the option of tailoring existed, the process involved administrative tasks, waiting periods for alterations, and sometimes expenses exceeding the cost of the pants themselves.

It led me to contemplate the idea of designing and producing clothing specifically tailored to address these needs, and that's precisely what I embarked upon.

Q: What is your most popular product, and why?

A: Our Classic Black Corporate Pants. These pants boast a timeless, classic fit that complements any body shape, offering an elegant silhouette.

Versatile enough to transition seamlessly from casual wear to evening outings, they also exude a relaxed style, ensuring unparalleled comfort.

Available in both black and white, they are foolproof wardrobe staples. Notably, our white variant offers zero transparency, instilling the confidence needed to wear white attire with conviction.

black Redan trousers

Q: Why do you champion small-batch production? 

A: At the very early stages of Redan, there were a lot of uncertainties, we recognised sustainability as a fundamental value integral to our mission.

To uphold this principle, we champion the small batch production method of our collections, which means that we have minimum order quantities (MOQ),

We embrace eco-friendly fabric options in all pieces from our collection, we align with suppliers who hold our values in sustainability and pay fair wages and working conditions for all staff, we use cardboard and bio plastics for our tags and mailers, and we source locally where possible. 

In addition, amidst the ongoing discourse surrounding sustainability, we place a premium on transparency in our practices. Partnering with suppliers who share our values is of utmost importance to us.

Q: What is your mission? 

A: In every start-up journey, numerous struggles and challenges emerge, yet the ability to address a problem and empower women, fostering confidence and empowerment, remains central to our mission at Redan.

Whether it's through direct purchases or simply engaging with our social media content, we aim to uplift and inspire.

We are deeply grateful for the support received so far and eagerly anticipate the journey ahead and are excited to see where it leads us.



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