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 Luke Hines

Is your 2024 goal unrealistic? New research shows almost three quarters (70%) of Aussies have set unattainable goals they’ll struggle to maintain all year round.

The research, by nutrition and food tracking app, MyFitnessPal, revealed that while most Aussies (70%) planned to set a New Year’s resolution this year, only one in ten (12%) would maintain them for the full year.

Author and fitness coach, Luke Hines (pictured) said consistency was the key when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

"So rather than unrealistic resolutions, Australians should focus on taking small steps to change their daily lifestyle.," he said.

"Setting goals that are easier to maintain will add up over time to help you reach your health goals.

“For example, rather than a resolution to ‘lose a lot of weight’, which is likely unrealistic, try ‘adding more fibre’ to help you feel fuller or ‘exercising regularly’ instead.

"Nutrition tracking apps, like MyFitnessPal can be invaluable for this, to help ensure you’re getting the right nutrients by tracking your daily food intake.” Luke said.

Psychologist, nutritionist and fitness expert Leanne Hall said: "While the start of a new year is a great opportunity to rethink our health and wellbeing, setting resolutions that are too ‘big’ and unsustainable can have the opposite effect, making us feel like we’ve failed if we don’t maintain them.

“Humans are habitual creatures, so by creating smaller healthy habits in our day to day routines, we’re much more likely to achieve our big goals.” she said.

When it comes to self-improvement for their health, prioritising better sleep (44%), improving overall wellbeing (41%), healthy eating (38%), losing weight (37%) and managing stress (33%) were the top 5 priorities for Australians, the research found.

To help keep track of nutrition and exercise, download MyFitnessPal on apple, Google and other android platforms.


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