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Fluid Running

Introducing Fluid Running, the only app based, instructor-led water running system available in the world.

The concept was founded by marathon runner Jennifer Conroyd in 2011. Jennifer had completed 16 marathons, including the Boston marathon when she sustained an injury and needed a new solution that would allow her to keep running.

That is where the idea for Fluid Running was born, a water running solution that has no impact on joints and therefore is great for those who want to get fit without the risk of injury. Deep and shallow water programs are available.

How does Fluid Running Work?

Fluid Running workouts are available via their app and website. The fully coached audio workouts range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, combining moderate aerobic sets with high-intensity intervals and sprints, along with several other movements to challenge other muscle groups.

Delivered through waterproof, Bluetooth headphones, the Fluid Running workouts provide a full body, cardiovascular, no impact workout (deep water) or low impact (shallow water) that can be done in a pool, lake, or even in the ocean.

blonde woman
Fluid Running creator Jennifer Conroyd

What equipment do you need?

The full Fluid Running system includes:

  • Access to the Fluid Running app with instructional videos

  • Audio workouts

  • A flotation belt for those who choose the deep-water program (5-6ft deep)

  • Bluetooth headset

Fluid Running eliminates the impact and potential injury that you may sustain by doing traditional workouts while also providing an option for those who are injured but want to maintain their fitness.

To determine how many kms you run, if you keep your heart rate similar to when on land and run for the same amount of time, you can assume you’ve run the same distance.

But Fluid Running is not just for runners! The beauty of this program is that it works for everyone whether you’re young or old, in shape or out of shape.

The movements are easy to learn and the pace can be adjusted to suit your fitness level. Do it to get fitter, faster, stronger, to lose weight or maintain fitness during pregnancy; there are endless reasons to Fluid Run!

Price information

  • Shallow Only - $99 AUD

    • Instructional videos and workouts (4)

    • Headphones - $50 AUD

  • Deep Only - $115 AUD

    • Instructional videos and workouts (4)

    • Belt and headphones - $84 AUD

  • Deep and Shallow - $159 AUD

    • Instructional videos and workouts (6)

    • Belt and headphones - $84 AUD



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