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Baileys liquor with a cake

Forget the kids - adults can enjoy sweet treats too! The Bailey's 2023 Treat Report looks at the tastiest trends in adult treating - and they are bright, nostalgic and delicious! The 80's have made a comeback, as well as the colour purple and cosy campfires.

The Baileys Treat Report 2023 Top 10 Treat Trends:

1. Lilacs In Bloom: Throw on your purple-tinted glasses because this colour is going to be everywhere in 2023. But we won’t just be seeing this purple hue in fashion and design – the colour will be on our plates, too.

2. A Rosy Glow: We all know it’s time for us to stop and smell the roses. But in 2023, we’re going to be eating them, too. We’re going to see delicate rose petals making their way into loads of our treats.

3. Perfect Parfait: Is there a dish that screams ‘retro’ louder than a Knickerbocker Glory? In 2023, this classic dessert has been given a fresh new spin.

4. Bitesize Delights: Say goodbye to towering freakshakes and massive donut stacks. This year, it’s all about smaller, manageable portions - little bites of deliciousness that satisfy all your cravings, but don’t leave you feeling like you’ve over-indulged.

5. Blue Sky Thinking: A sunny blue sky feels like a tonic for the soul. There’s something about being under a big blanket of blue that makes us feel connected to the planet and everyone on it.

6: Reinventing the Wheel: We’ve had the cronut. We’ve had the Cremella. We’ve even had the crodo (a croissant donut hybrid). And now, it’s time for the latest viral food trend – the Supreme.

7. Leche Love: We all know how important it is to enjoy a little bit of comfort food. And Leche Frita (fried milk) is just the ticket.

8. The 80s: This year, the spirit of nostalgia is alive and kicking. Which is probably why the 80s are coming back with a bang. This era is whacky, retro and, more importantly, a hell of a lot of fun.

9. Campfire Vibes: There’s nothing quite like a campfire. A few hours sat around an open fire is always a good idea – it’s all about hanging out with friends, gazing at the flames as the smoke wisps into the air and clings to our clothes.

10. Sweet Corn: Think of sweetcorn, and you probably think of tortillas, cornbread and chowder. But this year, we’re seeing what makes this little corn so sweet.

Baileys Treat Report has a track record in identifying and discovering some of the most popular treats in recent years including the luscious Mochi (Baileys Treat Report 2021) and Snickerdoodles (Baileys Treat Report 2022) among others.

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