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For the spontaneous and flexible traveler seeking exciting overseas adventures, Skyscanner travel expert Jarrod Kris has unveiled an array of irresistible Xmas flight deals.

Whether you're yearning for the enchanting streets of London, the serene beaches of Bali, the cultural richness of Osaka, or the romantic allure of Paris, these discounted airfares are bound to make your dream holiday a reality.

Some of the flight deals now available include:

Sydney to London  

Brisbane to Bali 

Melbourne to Osaka, Japan 

Sydney to Paris  

Sydney to Madrid  

Sydney to Rome  

Mr Kris said as we approached the festive season, mastering cost-effective Christmas travel becomes paramount.

Here are his top tips on how to achieve budget friendly travel this Christmas.

  1. Be spontaneous: A good tip for affordable travel is being spontaneous. When selecting your destination on the Skyscanner website or app, try the ‘Everywhere’ search. You will find the cheapest destinations from all around the world based on the dates you’d like to travel.

  2. Be flexible. If you’re flexible with your travel dates, you’re guaranteed to find a great deal. Select ‘Whole month’ as your travel dates, and you will find the cheapest prices for that route within the last four days. 

  3. Optimise travel dates. Flying on specific days, such as Christmas Day or New Year's Eve, often translates to reduced fares due to lower demand. This approach allows travellers to enjoy remarkable savings while embarking on their holiday adventures.

  4. Mix and match. You don’t have to book return flights, even if you are planning on coming home.

  5. Choose accommodation wisely. Hostels are the natural alternative to expensive hotels. Some travellers may feel like they’ve passed the age where they can comfortably stay in a dorm room, but a hostel’s private room is generally much cheaper than a hotel. You’ll also have the option to cook your own meals, saving even more money. 

  6. Other hacks: Know your transportation needs. Some cities have a variety of public transport options which saves you from spending money on taxis. Make sure you do your research. Consider getting a travel rewards card which can help you save big when it comes to major expenses associated with your trip. 

*All pricing was accurate as of November 21, 2023 



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