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The morning rush is hectic and stressful. Between packing lunch boxes for kids, getting them out of the house and getting yourself ready, it’s little wonder that a startling 50 percent of Aussies are skipping breakfast.

But according to health and wellness expert Kitty Blomfield, it's vital to eat breakfast to replenish fuel stores after fasting all night.

“I absolutely understand that in today’s hectic lifestyle, we are all time-poor and over-scheduled. But skipping breakfast isn’t the solution,” she said.

“The question is how can time-poor people manage to find the time for breakfast?

"Here are three ideas right off the bat: firstly, prepare as much as you can the night before, whether it’s getting school bags all packed or your outfit for tomorrow picked out and ready to go.

"Secondly, share tasks with family members by delegating tasks and asking for help. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Thirdly, set the alarm earlier, even ten minutes makes a difference in the morning, and the benefits that you reap are worth the ten minutes.”

Kitty is the founder of NuStrength, and creator of Kitty’s 7-Day Challenge, which helps people to eat more and train less, while getting better results than they’ve ever had.

Kitty’s NuStrength programs utilise pro-metabolic nutrition that heals your metabolism while strength training transforms your body.

The result is that you’ll feel better, look better and live better. NuStrength focuses on educating and empowering women, they don’t drastically cut calories or force women into working out for hours and hours per day. The programs help women optimise their metabolism and reach their goals in a sustainable way.

Get the right start to your day – are you getting enough protein?

“Start your day with an adequate breakfast, which includes a decent amount of protein. I notice that women tend to unintentionally skimp on protein at breakfast time but it’s really detrimental to your health," she said.

"Having the right amount of protein, and carbs helps you to refuel your body after fasting all night. It also gives you better blood sugar control and stabilises your energy and moods. It can even prevent you from bingeing later in the day.

“Adding protein to your breakfast is easy. For example, a breakfast of two scrambled eggs with some veggies and a black coffee contains 14g of protein.

"Avocado on toast and an almond milk latte gives you a mere 4g of protein and a cup of granola with a cup of milk is only 12g of protein. Ideally you want to start your day with at least 25g of protein.

“When you’re trying to lose weight and improve your health, starting your day with a well-balanced breakfast will set you up for the day.”

Kitty Bloomfield
Kitty Bloomfield

Simple breakfast ideas that you can make at home

“If you’ve been in the habit of skipping breakfast, try some of my easy go-to breakfast ideas that give you at least 28g of protein.

"You’ll feel the difference immediately and start noticing how much it contributes to your day. The easiest of all is a simple Greek yoghurt and coffee.

"Just 200g of Greek yoghurt with a bit of honey and stewed apple with cinnamon alongside a milky coffee is a simple but tasty breakfast. For added protein and benefits, you could add some premium collagen to your coffee,” she said.

“Another easy breakfast idea is to have two eggs on a slice of sourdough bread with coffee made with a cup of milk and some collagen.

"How about turning your dinner leftovers into breakfast and cutting out food wastage that is a global problem? How about 125g of steak with roast potatoes and some fruit? Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!”

Combining strength training and the right nutrition

“Having breakfast is the right way to start your day and as you can see, with a few easy lifestyle changes to make time for breakfast in the morning, you can choose from a wide variety of easy to put together breakfast ideas that the whole family will love,” Kitty said.

She said it was also important to ensure you incorporated strength training into your exercise regime to maintain and build muscle. Muscle requires more energy which means you burn more calories while moving and even while at rest.

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