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Wade and Dani at Perth's Blue Boat House
Wade and Dani at Perth's Blue Boat House

Quitting your job and travelling Australia in a van - complete with your two cats - is a dream for many. But for Sydney couple Wade and Dani, it's an amazing reality.

Two years ago they left their conventional 9-to-5 jobs to embark on a full-time van life adventure across Australia.

The pair, accompanied by their feline companions Gatinha and Jon Snow, have shared their journey, experiences and the motivations behind their unconventional lifestyle.

Discovering the Travel Bug

The decision to trade in their office jobs for a life on the road came from a desire for something more than the ordinary - and converted a van for the journey.

"We were both over our office jobs and wanted something more in life than the 9-5. That was where the idea to travel Australia in a van started," Wade, a former finance and operations manager, said.

Hamersley Gorge, WA
The couple at Hamersley Gorge, WA

Highlights Along the Way

As they crisscrossed the vast landscape of Australia, the duo encountered numerous highlights, including swimming with whale sharks in Exmouth, diving with great white sharks in Port Lincoln and exploring the iconic Uluru.

Wade describes the crossing of the Nullarbor and the breathtaking Bunda Cliffs along Western Australia's coast as particularly memorable.

Van Life Realities

Living in a van full-time comes with its unique set of challenges. Wade and Dani, however, have embraced the lifestyle, cooking nearly every meal within the confines of their mobile home.

"Our weekly shopping bill hasn't changed much since traveling in the van," Wade shares.

Feline Companionship on the Road

Traveling with two cats, Gatinha and Jon Snow, raised eyebrows for some, but the couple attests to their pets' adaptability.

"It can be difficult at times, but they have really adapted to the life. Now we are able to open the van doors, and they know the van is home and their safe place," Wade said.


Future Horizons

Having completed a lap around Australia, the couple is setting their sights on new horizons. Tasmania is on the itinerary for February 2024, marking the completion of their exploration of Australia.

However, their aspirations don't stop there; dreams of shipping their van to New Zealand and eventually going on a journey from South America to Alaska fuel their wanderlust.

Van Life Relationship Wisdom

Living in the close quarters of a van can test even the strongest relationships, but Wade and Dani believe in the strength of their partnership.

"If you can survive van life with a partner, you can survive anything," Wade said.

sunrise outside a van

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Nomads

For those contemplating a similar journey, the couple advises renting vans before committing full-time.

"You will find out if it's for you and your partner, and you will start to learn what type of van and comforts you need/want," Wade said.

Financial planning is crucial, with the duo emphasising the importance of having a budget and backup savings.

Wade encouraged others to take the plunge, saying: "It has been the best decision we have made and opened up so many new doors in life we didn't know were possible."

woman and two cats on camp chairs

Follow Wade and Dani's incredible journey here and on Instagram @wadeanddani



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