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The age-old adage that hair-thinning is only a concern for the older generation has been debunked by one of Australia's top trichologists.

Dr Chelcey Salinger, the Director of the International Association of Trichologists, told Lifestyle News hair thinning can begin as early as 25, or even earlier in some cases.

"I have seen and treated patients who are teenagers. The reasons for their hair loss can vary," she said.

Delving deeper into the complexities of hair thinning, Dr Salinger highlights telogen effluvium and pattern hair loss as the primary perpetrators behind generalised thinning.

"Telogen effluvium can be caused by imbalances in the body, such as nutritional deficiencies or hormonal fluctuations," she said.

"Pattern hair loss, on the other hand, is attributed to an inherited sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone, a potent form of testosterone."

Dr Salinger revealed a web of underlying factors contributing to hair loss.

"Epigenetic factors such as stress, poor sleep, and nutrition play a significant role," she reveals.

"Additionally, inflammation around the hair follicles and oxidative stress can exacerbate the condition."

Dr Salinger said many women experienced post-partum hair loss after childbirth due to the shock to the body of having a baby, and the hormonal shift that occurred after giving birth.

"True post-partum telogen effluvium starts about three months after having the baby, hair loss continues for approximately three months, and will self-resolve around six months post-partum."

If the hair loss goes on for much longer than that, there is another problem occurring and the person should see a trichologist for advice.

In the quest for healthier hair, Dr Salinfer offered practical advice.

"Consuming a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables is essential," she advises. "Managing epigenetic factors such as stress and adopting a healthy lifestyle can also make a significant difference."

Additionally, she recommends interventions to counteract the effects of testosterone, such as the herb saw palmetto found in Neutriderm products.

"If you have pattern hair loss then doing something to counteract the effect of the strong testosterone in the skin (DHT) is helpful.

"The herb saw palmetto reduces the presence of DHT- that is why the Neutriderm products can be a good choice for people with pattern hair loss. They contain this herb."




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