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Penn Shoes

Most of us love shoes, so imagine designing and producing your perfect shoe! That's exactly what Melbourne mother of two Meegan Addison did, creating a stylist alternative to heels.

She recently launched Penn Shoes, a luxury shoe brand that allows women of all lifestyles and ages to highlight their personal style and make a statement with every step.

Penn Shoe’s first drop is the Sunday Loafer. a multi-way shoe with a strategically placed seam and a soft leather exterior allowing the back of the shoe can fold down to create a simple elevated slide-on loafer perfect for on-the-go Aussies.

Seamlessly blending innovation with tradition, each of Penn’s loafers is manufactured and crafted by hand in Spain by expert leather artisans.

Here. Lifestyle News chats with Meegan about her new, thriving business.

Q: What made you decide to design shoes?

A: Living through two years of the COVID pandemic in Melbourne, I would day dream about taking the runners off and replacing them with a dressy flat shoe.

I had several pairs of Spanish shoes and one day I looked at the shoe and realised it was the manufacturer on the sole and not the brand.

So I called them in Spain and asked them if they would consider doing a small private brand for me and they said yes. So, the relationship began.

I decided at 45 I wasn’t too old to give something a go even though I’d never done it before.

It’s been a huge learning experience and I’ve loved learning everything from manufacturing through to social media.

Small business is definitely not for the faint hearted and I’m proud that I’ve done this and have a beautiful shoe to show for it.

But the journey has only just begun!

Q: Tell me about the Sunday Loafer.

A: I called the loafer Sunday as I wanted to tell a story about how these comfortable shoes can be worn any day of the week, morning and night.

The first loafer is called Sunday and the next will be Monday and so on.

Best of all, it comes in seven gorgeous metallic shades

Q: What is the brand ethos behind Penn Shoes?

A: Stylish and high-quality comfort designed for the busy girl living a hectic lifestyle, but who still craves making a fashionable statement.

Meegan Addison
Meegan Addison

Q: Why is the company so close to your heart?

A: It's something I created for myself and my family. We recently moved to Adelaide and relocation is a huge step for any family. Often it can be with little or no support network and long days at home whilst the kids are at school.

Having this project kept me going whilst I have made the most amazing friendships in Adelaide.

These women are now supporting me in every way in my new business.

It is such a beautiful and special thing having women support each other so they can build a business whilst also being present with the kids. I named the business Penn after my two children Peggy Elizabeth and Ned Noakes. .

Q: Why did you decide on Spain for the manufacturing process?

A My own shoe collection pushed me towards Spain. The Spanish shoes I had were always getting positive comments and they were so incredibly comfortable and of the highest quality.

So, in February and June 2023, I travelled to Elche in Spain to meet my developer and manufacturer. This was ultimately the city from which my business began!



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