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After recognising a lack of high-quality natural supplements for pets, Sydney nutritionist Asha Dillon gave up her full time job and moved into the world of pet wellness. Now, six months later, her company Leadr Pet is already a success story. Here, Asha tells Lifestyle News why she loves working for four legged clients.

Q: What led you to starting the business?

A: After working in the human vitamin industry for almost a decade, I was very well versed in what made supplements premium and effective.

I found that I was being asked by friends and family for natural supplement recommendations for their pets, and I couldn’t find any of the quality I was used too.

So, I decided to create a supplement range for dogs, which uses science-backed ingredients and are premium quality.

Q: Why do pets need supplements?

A: I recommend all pet owners invest in a probiotic and a good joint supplement for their pets, and our best-seller “Settle” is for stress + anxiety in dogs.

Depending on what your pet needs, I would recommend looking for a supplement that suits the breed's needs and the pet's age.

Kibble is not enough to provide care for targeted issues such as gut health, joint health and mental health.

Q: Should pets take supplements every day, or just when they are sick?

A: Similarly, to human supplements, pet supplements are designed to be taken daily. It can take 4-6 weeks of daily use to get the full benefits of natural supplements.

Q: How do you know which supplement to choose?

A: We offer a free quiz on our website, so owners can be guided to which supplement they need for their dog and/or cat.

However, if there are signs, such as if they are older and have less mobility, it’s great to use a joint supplement.

If they are allergic to animal proteins and have skin issues, constant ear infections and itchiness, it's a sign their gut needs some support.

Additionally, many Covid puppies have been left with separation anxiety as their owners now spend less time with them, so it’s great to support them with a nervous system supporting product such as Settle; For stress + anxiety.

Q: Are you glad you left your job as a nutritionist to start this company?

A: After leaving quite a senior role as an executive at an ASX listed company, I was nervous to start my own brand.

But it has been amazing journey so far, and nothing is more fulfilling than knowing we are genuinely improving the lives of animals.



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