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Barry Du Bois

Going on a European holiday and worried about your plants? No worries, you can repurpose a bread bag for a DIY greenhouse and avoid a plant cemetery on your return.

Presenter, design and building expert Barry Du Bois has teamed up with the Wonder Recycling Rewards to help Aussies get inspired by sharing his favourite ways to repurpose food and drink items.

For Aussies, saving a bread bag from landfill might seem like a small action, but it can have a huge impact on the environment.

The Wonder Recycle Rewards program encourages schools to recycle bread bags that might otherwise go to landfill in return for points for their efforts. Points can be redeemed on new sports equipment that kids can play with - championing active play for kids.

In addition to recycling bread bags through the Wonder Recycle Rewards program, there are other ways you can repurpose them, along with many common household items, which is great for the planet and your pocket.

Here are Barry's favourite ways to reuse common household items.

1. Consider lining your potted plants with your empty bread bags. It’s also great to cover small house plants to retain moisture (like a greenhouse!) when you’ve planned an extended family trip and can’t water your plants for a while.

2. Finished your glass jar of olives or peanut butter? Keep hold of the jars to store items like nuts or fruits or use them to shake up a homemade sauce for your lunchtime salad.

3. Winter is kicking in and it’s officially soup season. Repurpose your empty tins in your home office or kids craft area to store pens, texters and other supplies. Be sure to remove any sharp edges with a tin snipper and give the tin a makeover by covering it in coloured contact of your choice.

4. Plastic water bottles are great for holding water but with a few well-placed holes they can become a cheap alternative to a fancy sprinkler. All you need to do is secure the bottle to the hose with some sturdy tape and make sure there are plenty of holes to let the water out. An easy way to keep the grass green and the kids entertained in summer.

5. Need somewhere to store your empty bread bags? Cut both ends off an empty soft drink plastic bottle and secure it to the inside of a cupboard door using a strong double-sided tape, with the smaller hole facing the ground. Be sure to remove any jagged edges for safety - now you have a DIY bag dispenser.

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