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Here's one kids will absolutely love: the next generation of the wildly popular Furby has just been released!

Remember Furbys? More than 40 million of these adorable interactive toys were sold worldwide when they first hit the shelves in 1998.

Now, Hasbro Inc. has unveiled the Furblet—a pocket-sized version of the classic Furby that's perfect for school bags. Just like the originals, these little guys can sing, harmonise, and chatter in their own playful Furbish language.

Furby Furblets are designed to bring joy to kids and adults alike with their miniature size and big personalities.

Packed with over 45 fun tunes, sounds, and Furbish phrases, these compact companions are brimming with delightful features for ultimate, interactive fun.

Hip-Hop fans can look forward to meeting “Hip-Bop”, K-Pop fans can sing a tune with “Luv-Lee” and gamers will meet their match with “Pix-Elle”. 

Furblets (5 cm tall, roughly half the size of a Furby) are an ultra-portable and versatile toy that kids can take wherever they go. The keychain clip allows them to be clipped to a backpack or travel bag.  

The first six Furblets each have a different voice, personality, appearance, and style of music. Collect more than one, and they'll sing together!

However, the fun won’t stop these limited-time Furblets begin disappearing from shelves, as another collection of unique mini Furby toys will also drop closer to Christmas! 

In addition to the new Furblets, Hasbro is also unveiling the much-anticipated Tie Dye Furby. Using ‘Furdar” mode, Furblets can pair with Furby* toys for special interactions, creating a unique and entertaining connection between Furby and their dee noo-lahs (little friends). 

"We were thrilled by the excitement for last year’s next-generation Furby release by nostalgic parents and Gen Alpha children alike," Kellen Silverio, Marketing Director Pacific Region at Hasbro, said. 

"We wanted to build on that enthusiasm this year by shrinking the famous Furby down to mini-size, making them perfect travelling companions."



With its blue and white striped fur, Ooh-Koo loves playing rock-themed songs that will have you rocking out with your Furblet friends. 


This Furblet sports pink and purple animal print fur and delivers hip-hop-themed beats that will get everyone dancing to the rhythm. 


Mello-Nee has watermelon red and green fur, perfect for setting a relaxing summer chill vibe with its soothing melodies. 


The rainbow-furred Ray-Vee is all about electronica-themed songs that make it perfect for a dance party wherever you are. 


Luv-Lee features blue and purple fur and plays catchy K-pop-themed songs, ensuring you and your Furblet enjoy a dance party to remember. 


With pixelated multicolour fur, Pix-Elle brings video game-style songs to the party, perfect for gamers and music lovers alike. 




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