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pedicured feet in a bath

Did you know that more than a third (34%) of Aussies experience dry feet? Yet, when you think of health and wellness, your feet probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. We all consider gut health, skincare and self-care but we only notice our feet when something goes wrong with them.

Taking care of your feet isn’t just about getting them looking great because foot health is directly linked to our overall wellbeing. Making foot care the foundations of your wellbeing, fitness and enjoyment of life means your feet can be ready to take you wherever your heart wants to go.

“With our feet playing such a big part in our day-to-day from all things fitness to fun, it is vital we look after them properly," Scholl podiatrist, Jo McCardle, said.

“Feet are essential to keeping us moving, social, working and getting enough exercise throughout our life.”

That’s why Australians should consider adopting a top-to-toe self-care routine - one that isn’t just about the face, nails and body but that also considers our feet.

After all, when we sit back and relax for some ‘me time’ we also put our feet up - so it’s the perfect time to give them some dedicated attention with products specifically designed for them.

The new Scholl Expert Care Exfoliating Heel Peel is the latest beauty must have which is the perfect addition to your tip-to-toe self-care routine that is clinically proven to reveal soft and smooth heels without harming the healthy skin on the rest of your foot or damaging your fresh pedicure.

With gentle ingredients including AHA Formula with fruit extracts, there is no longer a need for filing or scrubbing - just one effortless application that will leave you feeling foot-tastic with as you enjoy the smooth heels for up to one month.

Heel peels can help to remove dead skin cells and calluses. The skin on the soles of your feet is thicker than on other parts of your body, which can make it prone to calluses and rough patches.

These can be unsightly and uncomfortable, especially if they become cracked and painful. Heel peels work by using a combination of fruit acids and enzymes to break down and dissolve the dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Heel peels can help to improve the overall health of your feet. When dead skin cells build up on your heels, they can create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. This can lead to infections such as athlete's foot, which can be uncomfortable and difficult to treat. By removing the dead skin cells, heel peels can help to prevent these types of infections from occurring, keeping your feet healthy and happy.

And did you know heel peels can help to prolong the life of your footwear? Rough, callused heels can cause excess wear and tear on your shoes, leading to holes and other damage. By keeping your feet soft and smooth with heel peels, you can reduce the amount of friction and pressure on your footwear, making them last longer and saving you money in the long run.



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