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Having a rough day? Here are our favourite products to help you relax and recharge. From a good cup of tea to a luxurious silk pillow, you are going to want to try them all!

1. PUKKA TEA: Nothing says relax more than a good cuppa, and our favourite is Pukka's relax organic blend. It's made with organic chamomile flower and marshmallow root to help you unwind, and fennel seed and ginger to assist in easing digestion.

face mist

2. ALMAdelIA HEMP SEED OIL CALMING FACE MIST: Breathe in, breathe out! ALMAdeLIA’s Hemp Seed Oil Calming Face Mist is formulated with a rich blend of potent ingredients that target stress, improve sleep quality, instantly hydrate skin, invite relaxation and support a state of bliss.

foot soak

3. GINGER & ME BATH AND FOOT SOAK SALTS: Did you know a foot soak not only relieves tired feet and muscles after a long day but also detoxify the body, relieve stress and enhances mood? Our favourite is

GINGER&ME Bath & Foot Soak Salts, with a mesmerising lychee and guava scent.

silk pillowcase

4. ITn 25 MOMME SILK ENVELOPE PILLOWCASE: Protect your hair and skin with a gorgeous silk pillowcase from award winning celebrity stylist Anthony Nader's haircare brand ltn - 'Love Thy Nader'. You'll never sleep with another pillowcase again!



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