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Discover the forefront of natural skin innovation, a beautiful new perfume, and even shampoo made from olives in our June beauty round-up!

1. ZHONG COLLECTION: Treat yourself to clinical-grade skincare powered by the potent botanical actives of Chinese medicine. The products (pictured above) seamlessly blend the efficacy of Australian native ingredients with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, offering a unique and powerful skincare experience. Clinically formulated, they are effective yet gentle, making them suitable even for hypersensitive skin.

Three girls with Bioten products

2: BIOTEN FACE CARE: Launched this month, Bioten brings a scientifically backed, naturally inspired skincare range to Australia. With 26 products across five key lines, Bioten caters to all skin types and concerns. Their offerings include the hydrating Skin Moisture range, the deeply moisturising Hydro X-Cell, and the anti-ageing Multi Collagen. Bioten is an affordable solution that cares for both your skin and the environment.

ZOR parfum

3. ZOR PARFUMS: This new Middle Eastern-inspired fragrance brand is crafted in Australia. Its mission is to transcend traditional perfumery by evoking a sense of place, memory, and profound emotion through its scents. With three unique fragrances, it blends Middle Eastern mystique with Australian beauty. Lifestyle News loves Zaira Rose, which marries the tender sweetness of honey with the opulent heart of rose and the rich foundation of oud.


4. BIOMIQ GLOW: Microbiome-based brand biomiq launches 'Glow' – the latest innovation in its scientifically-backed skincare range. Developed by leading Australian microbiome scientists, the Glow range includes Skincare Glow wipes and Glow Serum, designed to hydrate, reduce fine lines, even skin tone, and strengthen the skin barrier by balancing the skin’s microbiome. The Glow wipes offer a convenient, one-step solution, perfect for on-the-go skincare.

V Glow oil

5: MUSE The Skin Company's V.Glow Oil: We all need this! The revolutionary honey-infused oil is designed specifically for intimate skincare. The luxurious elixir promises to transform your bikini area with its soothing, softening, and revitalising properties. Say goodbye to hair removal woes and hello to a pampering session for your "v" word, boosting body confidence from the beach to the bedroom.

Madge skincare products

6. MADGE: Launched this month, Madge Beauty is set to revolutionise the clean beauty industry with its focus on effortless, luminous, all-Australian glow. Founded by Merrin Schnabel, a model and entrepreneur from Geelong, Madge combines a lifelong passion for natural beauty with practical, clean skincare solutions. Inspired by her family's beauty rituals and a handbag full of lip glosses, Merrin created the brand to enhance the natural radiance of every individual.


7. VALANOLIA SCALP HELP: Valanolia has launched its squalene-enriched Extra Virgin Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, offering a nourishing and sustainable cleansing ritual for all hair and scalp types. Each bottle contains 360 cold-pressed olives and a blend of bioactive nutrients, including vitamins A, D, E, and K, to promote scalp health, increase hair strength, and add shine.

gua sha

8: ALTASPHERE GUA SHA: Discover the rejuvenating power of Gua Sha with Altasphere’s latest collection. Featuring a multi-head facial roller, jade or rose quartz eye patches, jade soothing eye spheres, a jade scalp comb, and a rose quartz body gua sha, this range offers a comprehensive approach to beauty and wellness. Each tool is designed to enhance circulation, reduce puffiness, and promote a natural, healthy glow.

Ragan veil foundation

9: RAGAN VEIL FOUNDATION: Ragan Skin, renowned for its superior, clinically tested skincare products formulated by award-winning therapist Isabella Loneragan, has just released the Ragan Veil Foundation. This Australian-made foundation includes a motorised application brush, ensuring a flawless, filter-like finish superior to traditional liquid foundations. Enriched with hydrating properties, aloe vera, vitamin E, oregano extract, and naturally derived zinc oxide,

Bali Body Tanning Milk

10. BALI BODY SELF-TANNING MILK: Bali Body's Self-Tanning Milk has taken TikTok by storm, becoming the go-to for a glowy, hydrated tan with minimal effort. With more than three million views, users are ditching dry, patchy self-tanners for this viral sensation. This lightweight formula applies smoothly, dries quickly, and delivers deep hydration, leaving the skin nourished and radiant.


11. NU SKIN BLEMISH SERUM: Say goodbye to pesky post-acne dark spots with Nu Skin's Blemish Serum, featuring the game-changing ingredient Azelaic Acid. Beauty enthusiasts and skincare aficionados are buzzing about Azelaic Acid for its gentle yet incredibly effective properties, making it perfect for all skin types. This naturally occurring dicarboxylic acid, derived from grains like barley, wheat, and rye, reduces inflammation, prevents breakouts, and fades dark spots.

Botanical skincare lab face butter

12. BOTANICAL SKINCARE LAB: Introducing Botanical Skincare Lab's Bohemian Glow Face Butter, a beloved eco-friendly and sustainable skincare gem. Crafted with a luxurious blend of natural ingredients, this face butter nourishes and hydrates the skin effectively and gently. Praised for its timeless appeal and environmentally conscious packaging, it's no wonder this product continues to gain popularity among skincare enthusiasts seeking both efficacy and sustainability.

beauty serum

13: MIOAD SKINCARE BEAUTY SERUM: Discover Miod Skincare's groundbreaking Eternal Beauty Serum, a trailblazer in natural anti-ageing solutions. Formulated with Bakuchiol, a plant-derived alternative to retinol, this serum delivers all the benefits of retinol—firming, plumping, and smoothing—without irritation. Clinically proven, it enhances collagen production and defends against oxidative damage for visibly rejuvenated skin.

Hey Bud skincare products

14: HEY BUD: Tried and tested by the Lifestyle News team, these products are winners! The Hey Bud Pore Control Bundle is designed to reduce redness, tame breakouts and give your skin the space it needs to breathe. Embracing and celebrating all skin types, Hey Bud encourages confidence to shine through by nurturing the skin you're in. And it's acne awareness month, so no better time to try this out!

The Raw Verdict Skincare

15: THE RAW VEDIC SAFFRON HYDRATING FACE CREAM: Experience the rejuvenating power of Ayurvedic skincare with The Raw Vedic’s Saffron Hydrating Face Cream. This luxurious formula blends ancient wisdom with modern science to deliver deep nourishment, hydration, and a radiant glow. Perfect for all skin types, it's crafted with saffron, turmeric, and other natural ingredients known for their antioxidant-rich, soothing properties, ensuring your skin feels soft, smooth, and revitalised.



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