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 Kristin Rubie with her artwork
Kristin Rubie with her artwork

In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of tranquility amid the chaos of life can be a challenge.

For Sydney based artist Kristin Rubie, the founder of Haven Prints, the path to serenity lies in the creation of art that adorns the home.

She describes her work as a haven of calm and simplicity, akin to a deep breath in the whirlwind of existence, much like the peaceful wisdom shared by renowned artist Henri Matisse, who once mused, "What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity... something like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue."

Kristin's artistic journey is a testament to the power of creativity as a form of meditation. Her process involves simplifying complex shapes, experimenting with textures, and playing with patterns.

It's an immersive practice that shares similarities with traditional meditation, a therapeutic experience that grounds her in the present moment.

As she shifts from her thoughts to her body, Kristin enters a flow state, allowing creativity, mindfulness, and a profound sense of calm to inspire and create beautiful, inspiring artwork.

Creativity has always been Kristin's touchstone. Even during her years in a corporate career and the early days of motherhood, she grappled with stress and perfectionism when not engaged in her creative pursuits.

To regain a sense of calm, she turned to moments of stillness, allowing her creativity to flow freely. This practice became more than a creative endeavour; it became a way to nurture her mind and prioritize self-connection.

Haven Prints is characterised by a naturalistic style with soft edges and atmospheric effects.

Kristin employs earthy colour palettes and whimsical florals, adding layers of texture, mosaic-like patterns, dots, and lines to create a multi-layered, textural experience. Her artistic process is an intuitive one, influenced by patterns in nature, the Australian landscape, botanicals, folk illustrations, and the works of masters like Matisse and Bonnard.

Henri Matisse, celebrated as one of the greatest colourists of the 20th century, used colour as the foundation of his expressive, decorative, and large-scale paintings.

Kristin finds inspiration in his approach, freeing herself from the constraints of replicating real-life colours and instead playing with hues to create a mood.

"While my colour palettes may differ from Matisse's, I've always found his expressive use of colour liberating," she said.

In the past year, Haven Prints has garnered a devoted following and a diverse community of collectors from across the country.

Kristin's creations have become a source of tranquility, inspiration, and creativity in people's homes. This, after all, is the very essence of Haven Prints' existence – to offer individuals the perfect artwork that brings a sense of calm and inspiration to their living spaces.




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