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Anyone with eczema-prone or dry skin knows how hard it to find a good face cleanser and moisturiser which doesn't leave your skin irritated.

But now UK skincare brand E45 has launched a first of its kind coolmousse to its facial care range in Australia - perfect for the millions of Aussies who experiences dry skin, irritation or eczema dermatitis.

In Australia, due to the harsh environment and the significant temperature swings between seasons, our skin is often more exposed, leading to moisture evaporating more quickly which further dries out the skin.

Dry skin experts E45 say there is an acute need for a dry, condition prone skin proposition in the facial skin care category, to effectively care for and relieve dry skin that is suitable for Australian’s skin needs.

E45 has brought to Australia the all-new Facial Care range comprising of a Face Foaming Cleanser and a Face Moisturiser, along with an Itch Recovery Coolmousse, which has fast become the cult product of 2023 Euro Summer.

Specifically designed for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin and tested by dermatologists, E45’s Facial Care range is easy to incorporate as part of a daily skincare routine making for healthy, moisturised skin.

E45 products

Australians who suffer from dry skin year-round, during winter, or for those looking for a straightforward product for skin cycling routines – E45 Face Foaming Cleanser and Face Moisturiser is perfect for anyone looking for hydrating products that protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Extending itch-relief solutions for all Australians, the innovative Itch Recovery Coolmousse is an extremely gentle and non-sticky foam that helps calm irritation and the itching sensation in sixty seconds.

Sure to be a household essential, not only does this product have a unique dual action effect of providing instant cooling and soothing relief, it also hydrates and moisturises the skin and is suitable for the whole family to use.

This multi-purpose product is suitable for dry, itchy skin conditions, but also occasions such as insect bites, mild sun exposure as an after sun care and skin irritations caused by allergies or sweat.

There are several reasons why a product specifically formulated for the face is essential, as facial skin is more often exposed to sunlight, more sensitive to hormonal changes, is thinner than the skin on the rest of your body and the top layer of facial skin is far more delicate.



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