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More than one in five Australians are buckling under the strain of 30 hours of unpaid home admin every week, a recent study found.

And it also revealed the majority of people - a huge 74.3 percent - are bogged down by simple home admin tasks - such as paying their car rego - by as much as ten hours a week.

Of those who say they bear the bulk of the mental load of organising their household, 52.3% are aged between 35 and 49, perhaps a nod to the tough gig that is raising a young family.

And in news that’ll surprise no one, 70.6% of ‘mental load bearers’ are female and just 28.3% are men.

Only 5% of people aged between 25 and 29 admit to worrying about their life admin.

The study of 400 respondents was conducted by life admin app, Eggy, which is designed to empower users to regain control of their ‘scrambled’ lives by absorbing the burden of managing their affairs.

It claims to save people, on average, six hours of their time, every week.

“If you’re doing 30 hours of life admin, even at the minimum wage in Australia, that’s almost $700 of unpaid work per week,” says Eggy founder, Kate Morgan.

“That’s organising kids’ homework and school bags, sport on the weekends, bills, dinner with the inlaws - it’s an almost never ending ‘to do’ list, and just constantly thinking about that is exhausting.”

The study found seniors were also feeling the pressure, with one in ten users saying they hadn’t ‘retired’ from running their own lives and trying to stay on top of appointments, bills, social and family commitments.

“No matter their age, Australians are being crippled by mental load,” says Kate.

Eggy was devised by Morgan and her husband, former NRL hardman, Kirk Reynoldson, after he forgot to pay his car registration, a simple oversight, and copped a $1000 fine.

The app allows users to upload a copy of every bill that might come in, pushing notifications when they’re due so they don’t get missed.

The app offers a holistic solution for tackling life admin tasks, allowing users to streamline their responsibilities and reclaim precious time with their loved ones.

“I admit, I was a typical bloke and left most of that ‘mental load’ to Kate,” Reynoldson says.

“All I really had to think about for my ‘job’ was taking hit ups and making tackles; so in hindsight, it was a bit ridiculous that I wasn’t taking on more responsibility at home.

“When the kids came along, life admin really smacked us in the face - and I know we’re not alone in that.

“That got Kate and I thinking, what if neither of us had to bear that ‘mental load’ - at least not fully?

“That’s where Eggy came from - unscrambling our extremely busy lives.

“Now, when we get a bill or an invitation to go somewhere, we just punch it into the app, and as it gets close, we get a reminder; but it’s also a ‘digital filing cabinet’ - nothing gets forgotten now."



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