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Be the Light

Are you looking for a Xmas gift packed full of meaning which won't break the budget?

Be the Light is a unique ‘plant in a light bulb’ gift that packs a punch in more ways than one. 

Designed by Adelaide-based Jessica Gray, the idea was inspired by a trip to Uganda where locals had a remarkable impact on Jess, lighting up her heart and filling it with joy.

Cheaper than a bunch of flowers and lasting 100 times as long, not only are the gifts packed with meaning and inspiration, but they provide a unique décor element to any room and are durable - perfect for anyone that struggles to keep indoor plants alive. 

“Customers love that the gift serves as a little reminder to be the light in someone’s world, and it often serves as a conversation starter,” she said.

“But they also love the fact that the bulbs are stylish, unique and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.” 

With a shelf life of up to two years, the gifts can be repurposed with new plants, or all elements can be recycled. 

For orders outside the Adelaide metropolitan area, the kit comes with the stand, the empty light bulb (made with thickened glass and much larger that the usual size) and the plaque.

Then the gift giver just needs to get an off-cut of an existing indoor plant and pop it into the bulb once filled with water.

Another option is to go to a nursery and buy a plant, and then cut off a leaf and put it in the bulb. If this is done, then the purchased plant would have enough leaves for several gifts.

In Adelaide, the bulb plus the plant comes delivered and can also be purchased in a number of stores.

When in Uganda, Jess was taken aback about how challenging life was for the locals, but they still tackled each day with a smile on their face and immense gratitude for what the day would bring. 

Jess Gray
Jess Gray

During her time, Jess met Barney, a former child soldier, and she became detertmined to help him purchase a piece of land in a safe village. She created the “Light up the world” project where she made and sold 250 candles to raise the $5000 needed to help Barney. 

This was the start of something greater, and the concept for ‘Be the Light’ was born. 

“Be the Light was born from a desire to play a role in sharing the importance of kindness and gratitude,” Jess said.

“I was inspired by the gratitude and resilience displayed by the Ugandan locals I met, it really put everything into perspective.

“I wanted to capture that essence, and have it flow through a meaningful product, spreading light into this world and bringing more awareness to the concept of gratitude and what a simple act of kindness can have on someone.” 

“Everyone needs a little light, and it’s my mission to spread this far and wide.”.

Be the Light can be purchased online (delivered nationally) and in person at the 4 Ommade Meet the Maker locations in West Lakes, Marion and Tea Tree Plaza Westfields,and Rundle Place Shopping Centre in Adelaide. 



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