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Leading underwear brand Berlei has launched a campaign championing women to show up as their true authentic selves.

The BECAUSE collection is designed to shape the body, combining soft spacers, refined mesh and intricate lace to deliver stylish intimates that cater up to a G cup, without compromising on comfort or quality.

Fronting the campaign is model and body positivity activist, Jennifer Atilémile. Jennifer has continuously paved the way for the modern woman through her promotion of racial and body diversity in the fashion industry in Australia.

The trailblazing model will continue to advocate for representation, while using her platform to advocate for self-love and confidence.

Alongside Jennifer is reality television personality Vakoo Kauaoirura, who combines her ambitious and sassy personality to speak to her platform about self-love and acceptance while promoting diversity within the industry.

Designed with every woman in mind, each style in the new collection is designed to flatter and seamlessly fit into everyday life, with a sleek colour palette of white and black, mixed with the introduction of contemporary colourways such as rose ochre and poison apple.

For over 100 years, Berlei has pioneered products for women across all different life paths.

The BECAUSE range marks an evolution for the much-loved brand, as a coming-of-age staple in every Australian woman’s wardrobe alongside their beloved, original Berlei T-shirt Bras.



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