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The top-rated brands across a range of supermarket products - as voted by Aussie consumers - have been revealed in the 2023 Finder Retail Awards. From fresh seafood to hot chicken, the 2023 Finder Retail Awards show where to buy the best products in Australian supermarkets.

This comes as new research reveals Aussies are forking out thousands of dollars more for groceries every year. Finder's shopping expert Chris Jager said the awards were designed to help consumers make better purchasing choices. “The best rated supermarket brands empower Aussies to make an informed decision when shopping for specific grocery items," he said. “The winners were scored on a range of key factors including value for money.” Aldi was one of the big winners this year – taking out top gong for 5 of the 11 categories, including Best Bakery, Beef, Seafood, Pork and Chicken. Woolworths scored top points for Best Supermarket Ham and Best Hot Chicken, while Harris Farm was awarded Best Supermarket Deli, Best Supermarket Fresh Vegetables, and Best Supermarket Fresh Fruit. Coles took the top spot for Best Supermarket Lamb. The average Aussie household spent $194 on their weekly grocery shop in May 2023 – up $20 a week compared to May 2022, according to Finder’s Consumer Sentiment Tracker.

That’s a $1,040 increase per household over 12 months – or $10.2 billion more nationwide. Finder’s data shows 2 in 5 (40%) Australians rank groceries as one of their top three most stressful expenses. This is up from 34% in May 2022. Mr Jager said households were grappling with a cost of living crisis in light of inflation and 12 cash rate rises in 13 months. “Budgets have been stretched thin and people are having to change how and where they shop just to keep food on the table. Skyrocketing grocery costs are an extra burden.

Finder Retail Awards Best Supermarket Brands

Supermarket - Bakery: Aldi

Aldi took out the top gong for best Supermarket Bakery. It scored highest in value for money and was also rated highly for taste and freshness.

Supermarket - Beef: Aldi

With high scores for value, taste, and freshness, Aldi is the best place to shop for beef.

Supermarket – Fresh Seafood: Aldi

Aldi won the award for best seafood brand with high scores for taste and value for money.

Supermarket – Hot Chicken: Woolworths

Woolworths emerged as the top-rated supermarket brand for hot chicken with a very high rating for taste. 93% of customers recommend this brand for hot chicken.

Supermarket – Lamb: Coles

With high marks for freshness, taste and product range, Coles won the award for best supermarket lamb.

Supermarket – Pork: Aldi

An impressive 94% of customers recommend Aldi for pork products. With strong scores for taste, freshness and value, it’s no surprise Aldi took out first place in this category.

Supermarket – Fresh Vegetables: Harris Farm

Harris Farm claimed the title of top-rated fresh vegetables with strong scores for taste, product range and freshness.

Supermarket – Chicken: Aldi

Top marks for freshness, taste and value for money landed Aldi the top spot for supermarket chicken.

Supermarket – Ham: Woolworths

Woolworths took the prize for top-rated ham with 90% of customers saying they would recommend the brand.

Supermarket - Deli: Harris Farm

The award for best supermarket deli goes to Harris Farm. It achieved the highest score in the taste, product range and freshness categories.

Supermarket – Fresh Fruit: Harris Farm

With high scores for freshness and taste, Harris Farm won the award for best rated supermarket brand fresh fruit. 95% of customers recommend Harris Farm for their fruit shopping.

Top tips to save on your grocery bill:

1. Plan your meals. Browse through cookbooks or online to figure out what you want to cook for the week ahead, then make a list of ingredients so you don't get overwhelmed and distracted at the supermarket.

You can even check the prices of ingredients at the supermarket online before you go. Whatever you do, don't shop when you're hungry. You are more likely to splurge on snacks and lollies that can quickly add up.

2. Use unit pricing to compare prices. Unit pricing is a labelling system that allows you to make more informed purchasing decisions.

By looking at the cost per unit of measurement, you can easily compare prices between different brands and package sizes and identify the best value for your money.

3. Buy frozen food in bulk. Buying frozen fruits and vegetables is often cheaper than buying them from the produce section and they are a great way to bulk out your meals.

Foods such as peas, corn and berries are frozen while they're fresh, so you won't miss out on valuable nutrients and flavour. Bulk meals such as soups, curries and pasta are a cheap and tasty way to use frozen veggies.

Finder worked with world-leading insights company Dynata to survey thousands of everyday Australians across more than 100 categories for the survey.



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