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dad and daughter

Dads are always hard to buy for, right? While nothing can beat a handmade gift crafted at school, us older kids need a little help to celebrate Dad on September 3! Here, Lifestyle News lists 12 unique gifts guaranteed to make dad's day!

couple sleeping with headphones

1. SLEEP PHONES: Did you know about 40 per cent of women are habitual snorers? And men get all the blame! Gift dad SleepPhones where he can listen to soothing music, an audiobook or white noise for a great night of zzzs.

neon sign

2. CUSTOM NEON SIGN: Make dad his own LED neon sign! It's something he can keep for years - and you can make your own message, so it's a bit of fun. Whether it’s his favourite sports team, his best band, something funny he always says or one of dad’s words of wisdom, give Custom Neon the idea and they will turn it into the perfect LED neon sign! Easy!

box of socks

3. FOOT CARDIGAN: This is the gift which keeps on giving. If you have to give dad socks, make them fun! Every month Foot Cardigan sends sock lovers fun and high-quality dress socks in the mail - they ship to Australia. and even better, shipping is free!

whiskey in a glass

4. TAMDHU 12 YEAR OLD SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY: When dad pours himself a dram of this exquisite whisky, he’ll appreciate why this distiller exclusively matures their spirit entirely in the finest sherry oak casks. He’ll taste the intense richness on the palate and enjoy the deep, long finish it delivers. Dedicated to excellence, Tamdhu Whisky’s 12 year old expression is the perfect gift for Dad.

inflatable paddle board

5. RED PADDLE INFLATABLE BOARD: For an inflatable paddle board that offers super stability and performance, look no further than Red Paddle Co's multi-award-winning 10'6” Ride. Made with Red’s industry leading drop stitch MSL, this board offers unrivalled stiffness and durability and along with superior stability, dad will feel at ease in a range of conditions on this versatile board.

Man wearing Step One Boxers

6. STEP ONE BOXERS: If you want to give underwear as a gift, go no further than these comfy and breathable Step One Boxer Briefs or Trunks. Made from organic bamboo viscose and packed full of innovative features, dad won't even know he’s wearing any underwear - they are that comfortable!

book about beer

7. BEER DRINKER'S TOOLKIT: Doesn't every dad love beer? Now, a new book provides an insider’s guide to help dad boost his beer knowledge. The Beer Drinkers Toolkit (Gelding Street Press, $32.99, August 2023) is the ultimate visual guide to learning everything you need to know about beer. Passionate beer writer Mick Wust helps readers navigate the world of beer drinking – from the history, types of beer, best food pairings, non-alcoholic varieties, and how beer drinking is different around the world.

8: MEMWAH VIDEO TRIBUTE: Memwah is a Father Day gift that will be remembered forever - a video tribute and life story maker which is so much more than just a card. Memwah asks thought-provoking questions and compiles your answers into a video that will have leave dad laughing and perhaps shedding a tear. Is there a better way to say I love you? We think not.


9: SONOS ROAM: This fully waterproof and ultra-portable speaker is perfect for active Dad, whether he's at the beach, a picnic or having a BBQ with mates. The Sonos Roam speaker tunes itself like magic and easily connects to Bluetooth for hours of listening beyond the home.


10: PERSONALISED WINES AND SPIRITS: The Neighbours Cellar offers an assortment of high-quality Australian wines and spirits, ready for your custom touch.. Choose from label templates, add your own photos and messages, and you will have a unique and personalised gift for dad!

father and son

11: BEST RESTAURANT GIFT CARD: Celebrate Father's Day with flavour! Treat dad to the finest culinary delights at Best Restaurants of Australia, an easy-to-use and premium dining gift card. Available in both physical and digital formats, this restaurant voucher is accepted at over 400 venues across Australia.

Ugg Boots

12: Ugg Express: If you must give dad slippers this Father's Day, make it Lifestyle News' favourites - Aussie Uggs! From cosy slippers to stylish boots, Ugg Express offers top-quality craftsmanship and luxurious shoes that will keep dad feeling pampered and fashionable. Nothing beats a classic Ugg boot...or an Ugg moccasin!




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