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Home cocktail parties are now more popular than dinner parties, new research shows.

The survey, from luxury bourbon brand, Woodford Reserve, reveals the majority (77%) of Aussies are no longer tied to a night out to get together with friends, with 59% believing that they are expensive and 41% admitting they spend over $150 each time they do.

Enter the era of the Home Fashioned Cocktail Hour, with half (49%) of Aussies now choosing a cocktail night with nibbles as the preferred way to host, over a traditional dinner party (34%).

The research also showed:

1. Aussies want to unlock their inner mixologist: Nearly half (48%) of those survey think a cocktail is a great way to treat themselves, and 42% want to make cocktails more often than they do now.

2. Aussies want more autonomy over their night: More Aussies are opting for cocktail nights at home as they can play their own music (50%), save money (40%) and curate a personalised experience (34%).

3. Aussies love to stretch their spirits: Half (50%) of Aussies are looking for recipes that show versatility by using the same spirit to make different cocktails, ultimately scaling back the cost of ingredients, with 40% keeping the spirit premium quality.

People find great joy in crafting homemade cocktails for various reasons, transforming a simple drink into a personalised and creative experience.

Firstly, the process itself becomes a form of self-expression, allowing individuals to experiment with flavours, mixtures and garnishes, tailoring each drink to their unique preferences.

This hands-on approach fosters a sense of ownership and accomplishment, as individuals take pride in concocting beverages that reflect their taste and style.

Homemade cocktails also offer a more intimate and social experience. Sharing these creations with friends and family creates a convivial atmosphere, where the act of preparing and serving drinks becomes a bonding ritual.

It elevates the social aspect of gatherings, providing a focal point for conversation and connection.

Want to make your own cocktails? Check out the Affordable At-Home Cocktail Party Guide and cocktail recipes here.



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