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Imagine being able to switch on your very own home sauna via your mobile phone as you leave leave the gym or work after a stressful day.

A Melbourne family owned business has launched a range of state of the art home saunas, which combine beautiful design with superior functionality - they work seamlessly with IOS devices, enabling users to easily modify settings and preferences using their smartphones.

And with a small footprint, the sauna can be installed inside or outside the home for the ultimate relaxation therapy.

The Nu-A Collection, by Found—Space, combines exquisite design with superior functionality as the range allows the user to control the tech from a single patented app - a world class first-of-its-kind.

To further enhance user convenience, the innovative app utilises an algorithm to calculate and display the heat-up time, sending a push notification to the user's smartphone when the sauna reaches the desired temperature, indicating that it's ready for use.

The Nu-A Collection also offers a range of pre-programmed sessions, meticulously designed for specific health outcomes.

For those seeking a good night's sleep, they can simply choose the sleep session, and the sauna will automatically configure all settings for optimal relaxation and sleep enhancement.

Similarly, other pre-set sessions cater to stress relief, post-workout recovery, and general well-being, making it easier than ever to enjoy the full benefits of hormetic therapy.

Topping it off, the system also allows users to play their favourite music whilst indulging in the sauna’s therapeutic heat.


Found—Space Founder Alex Tyson said the popularity of home saunas was significantly higher since before the COVID years.

"What we saw during and since COVID was a reminder of the importance of prioritising the health of ourselves and others. People were more motivated to use hormetic tech like saunas and ice baths and this has continued since." he said.

"The Nu-a collection is an infrared sauna without caveats. We wanted to create a sauna experience previously not achieved in the sauna industry before.

"We have compiled the finest materials from other industries such as high quality laminated glass used on sky scrapers or 304 stainless steel used on luxury cars.

"Nu-a combines these materials with an industry leading control system which we designed in-house at Found—Space. Now you can control Nu-a from your phone allowing you to pre heat your sauna from anywhere.

"All the sauna users out there will appreciate how brilliant it would be to be able to turn your sauna on remotely so it’s ready for you when you want. Nu-a is the first infrared sauna to achieve this.

"The beauty of our infrared saunas is that they can be installed on just about any surface, indoors or outdoors depending on the model.

"Most of our saunas and ice baths plug into a normal power point. Some of our units have a footprint of 1.2 x 1.1m."




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