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Renae Bunster

Australia’s Hot Sauce Queen Renae Bunster is finally allowed to sell her controversial - and delicious - sauces in a major Australian supermarket – but she had to change the name first.

Already famous for Bunsters 'Shit the Bed' hot sauce (which is regularly the #1 selling hot sauce on Amazon in the USA), the busy Perth mum can now add ‘sold in every Woolworths across western Australia’ to her accolades.

However, there's a catch. The family-friendly supermarket chain would not allow the original name, so she created an entirely new extra hot sauce just for Woolies known simply as Bunsters “Pretty Hot" sauce.

Renae is also planning to double down on her American assault, after being asked by Walmart to submit her sauces for a range review.

Helping her achieve this expansion will be a Birchal equity crowdfunding raise - with previous investors seeing their equity value increase by 200%.

On the Woolworths range, Renae said: "Rest assured, while the name isn’t as vicious, the sauce is still ‘Extra Hot’ for Woolies.

"There’s no comparison from those watery foreign sauces though. I’ve got four of my awesome sauces in Woolies and they’re all packed full of fresh ingredients and fresh chillies.

"Bunsters is made by a hot sauce lover, not a big food corporation putting profit over taste. I think Woolies customers are going to be delighted to see something new, colourful, exciting and Australian on the shelves.”

Renae was recently headhunted by Channel 9 to appear as a contestant on Gordon Ramsay's new Aussie series Food Stars.

The former television journalist and producer joined the show because of Gordon’s ability to parlay his television notoriety into growing his own food empire.

She announced her most recent ambition a Birchal equity crowdfunding raise. The money raised will help her expand rapidly and build up her export markets to the USA and across the world.

Woolies insiders are tipping the WA ranging as ‘an entrée’ to a national roll out in the supermarket giant.

Renae has appointed a new US distributor and sales force and has already been invited to present her hot sauces and cocktails for ranging in Walmart next year and is already in talks with a major Canadian supermarket.



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