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Pink Beer

Brewers at 4 Pines Brewing Co. have put a distinctive rose-coloured twist on their most popular beer to create 4 Pines Pink Beer in support of the McGrath Foundation.

And Aussie publicans are on board to support this fantastic initiative, with the special-edition beverage available at various bars and pubs across Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, including Merivale outlets at the Sydney Cricket Ground this summer. 

In their second year of collaboration with the McGrath Foundation, 4 Pines Brewing Co won’t just be turning their biggest beer pink, they will be donating all profits generated by the limited edition beer to the McGrath Foundation to support their ongoing efforts to fund 250 McGrath Breast Care Nurses across Australia this year. 

Sydney hospitality group, Solotel, has also joined forces making sure those enjoying the cricket at the pub can support this wonderful cause with Pink Beer available at both iconic venues The Paddo Inn and The Clock.

“Enjoying the Sydney Test with a Pink Beer in hand at the SCG and the pubs of Sydney sounds pretty good to me – we are very grateful for the support of the publicans across Australia who have got behind this," 4 Pines Brewing Co CEO Todd Atkinson said.

McGrath Foundation Ambassador & Director, Tracy Bevan said:  “It’s only through the support of amazing partners like 4 Pines who are generously donating that we can continue to fund our McGrath Breast Care Nurses and work towards our mission of ensuring that no one with breast cancer misses out on the care of a breast care nurse”.

4 Pines Brewing Co. Marketing Manager Annaleise Alpert said: “At 4 Pines we are passionate about supporting our brilliant partners and championing good stuff whenever we can.

"Brewing up 4 Pines Pink Beer is an initiative we are very proud of - it creates awareness and funding to perpetuate the outstanding work undertaken by the team at the McGrath Foundation – tastes good too!”




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