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Some pet boarding companies have become more expensive than child-care, charging an eye-watering $233 a day to looked after your four legged friend.

Sydneysider Amy Indrawan, who has a two year old French bulldog and a beagle, was quoted $3000 for pet boarding for three weeks which was more than she could afford.

“I shopped around at some of the pet boarding places and the costs have gone up so much...honestly it’s like paying for a holiday for the pets on top of the holiday I booked for myself," she said.

“I decided to post a pet minding task on Airtasker and within minutes I had options that I could afford.

“People were offering to pet sit my dogs at their own home while some were willing to pet sit at my house or even just check in, take them walks and feed them...I found someone in my budget of $700 to mind my dogs in my home.

“When I first looked, I discovered pet boarding places were charging more than childcare in some instances.

"Often you are quoted a day rate but then you have to add on extra money for the dog to be walked, or for it to be cuddled or taken for a swim. Once you add up all the add ons it is really expensive.”

Prices for pet boarding for dogs are now more than $100 per day in the holiday season, ranging from $85 a day for a shared room to #233 a day for a boutique service.

New data from Airtasker has revealed an increase in the number of people using the platform for pet sitting, with a massive 52 percent increase in the past six months.

Airtasker CEO Tim Fung said for people worried about letting strangers into their home, the platform had a ratings and reviews system that allowed Taskers to create a ‘reputation passport’.

"Their profile includes ratings and reviews from customers who have had a first hand experience with that specific Tasker," he said.

"In addition, Airtasker also has a badge system where Taskers can add their certifications so that customers can see their qualified skills."

Pet sitter Nadiana Albistur, who has been pet sitting for more than three years, said she enjoyed pets and wanted to make some extra money.

“I love the company of them, being able to play with them and take them to the dog park," she said.

"I like sending updates to the owners so they know their pets are okay and just seeing that the pet parents and grateful that their pets are in good hands."



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