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two dogs eating at the table
Lexie and Tilly love meat free Mondays

Meat free Mondays for dogs? Now a new pet food brand makes it easy to serve quality meat free meals for your four-legged friends so they can help the environment too!

High meat diets have a high environmental impact. Up to a third of greenhouse gas emissions globally come from the food system and pet food accounts for about 25% of that and growing.

With 32% of Australians adopting a flexitarian diet, and reducing their own meat consumption, now a new pet food brand wants them to take their dogs along for the flexitarian ride.

Getting pet parents to rotate in Meat-Free Mondays and Flexi-Fridays for dogs, is the goal of Newcastle-based Planet A Pet Food, launched last week. 


“We know a diverse diet is good for us and it’s also good for dogs,” says Planet A co-founder Amanda Falconer.

“Making it a flexitarian diet, goes one step further: it’s good for the dog and the planet. I’ll consider us successful if we can get people to swap out conventional food a few days a week and swap in meat-free meals...for their dogs.”


Planet A Pet Food is Australia’s freshest, entovegan dog food, combining upcycled veg and insect protein, with a restaurant-grade plant-protein, that mimics the taste and texture of meat when rehydrated.

That same plant protein is being eaten by humans in restaurants around the country. 


"Even though dogs don’t have a requirement for the ingredient – meat – but the nutrients it provides, giving dogs the pleasure of the taste and texture of meat with this plant-protein, was important to us," Amanda said.


Working with small animal nutritionist Dr Anna Sutton, Planet A Pet Food created nutritionally complete meat-free food that dogs love, combining insect protein, food by-product ingredients together with sustainably harvested algae.

Consumers just add water to rehydrate the food, so that it’s fresh, when they need it.


dog with food

Newcastle taste testers Lexi & Tilly, have tried all of the Planet A options...over and over.  

"Despite our desire to assist the sustainability of the planet and wanting to substitute some meat products for alternative options, we were concerned about the nutritional values and palatability of such products for our furry friends. With the arrival of Planet A, our concerns have been alleviated," says dog-mum Dani.



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