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Move over, Chinese and Indian food! A new study reveals that Japanese food is now the most popular in Australia.

The research, conducted by BizCover, analysed Google search data related to the 30 most popular cuisines in different Australian cities to find out what cuisines Australians search for (and eat) the most.

Here are the key findings:

Japanese food emerges as the undisputed champion of online searches for Australia, with a staggering 22.46M total average monthly searches.

Indian and Italian cuisines trail closely behind, averaging 21.33M and 19.63M searches, respectively.

For Australia’s states & territories, Japanese cuisine was the most popular search in six, including Queensland, NSW, Victoria, West Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT.

Indian food led the popularity stakes in Tasmania, and residents favoured Italian cuisine in South Australia.

The research showed that among Japanese cuisine lovers, Sushi, Ramen, and Tempura topped the searches, while followers of Indian cuisine favoured Biryani, Curry, and Tandoori, and Italian food lovers searched for Pizza, Pasta, and Gelato.

Australia’s Most Searched Cuisines:

  1. Japanese

  2. Indian

  3. Italian

  4. American

  5. Chinese

  6. Turkish

  7. Thai

  8. Vietnamese

  9. English 

  10. Spanish

Sharon Kenny, Head of Marketing at BizCover, said: : ‘’Understanding these cuisine demands holds a golden opportunity for businesses in the food industry to cater to consumer demands effectively.

"Whether it's crafting a menu, launching a new food venture, or devising marketing strategies, this insight into consumer behaviour can be a recipe for success."



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