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tradeis eating a pie

Australia’s tradies are in for a treat as a tasty, new fast-food alternative hits stores today, promising to energise tradies without sacrificing on flavour. 

Inspired by their famous love for the iconic Aussie meat pie, Australia’s largest online tradie marketplace, hipages, and Sydney’s iconic Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, have launched the “Tradie Pie” — a first-of-its-kind pie designed to deliver on the five most important factors to tradies when it comes to their meals: speed (49%), taste (44%), ease (36%), freshness (35%), and health (30%). 

The Tradie Pie features a delicious blend of high-quality ingredients with 100% locally sourced, premium, Australian chunky lean beef, vegetables including carrots, peas, mushrooms and onions, all bathed in a delicious savoury peppercorn gravy.

After months of development, Harry's Café de Wheels team of specialists created the perfect recipe, combining all of the flavours of a classic pub steak in a convenient, yet healthy pie form. 

The Tradie Pie is also one of the first ever mass-produced pies in Australia to feature a tasty wholemeal pastry and is the first in Harry’s Café de Wheels’ 80+-year history to do so. It offers almost half your daily intake of fibre to support gut health and keeps you feeling fuller for longer throughout the day.

With nutritional guidance from Advanced Sports Dietitian, Ryan Pinto from My Muscle Chef, The Tradie Pie is 40% lower in carbs than a traditional meat pie, to assist with weight control, has 20g of protein, to promote muscle growth and recovery, 13.5 of dietary fibre to boost gut health, and is balanced with one serving of vegetables. 

With new research from hipages revealing that 68% of tradies admit to eating cheap, quick meals on the job, the Tradie Pie has been created as a better-for-you alternative to the unhealthy fast-food

options tradies generally revert to. 

According to Advanced Sports Dietitian, Ryan Pinto from My Muscle Chef, fixing these unhealthy eating habits could be the key to a better day on-site.

“Given the labour-intensive nature of a tradie’s day when on the tools, and the fact that 85% have more energy when they are eating better, it’s so important to give your body the right fuel," he said.

“Having a protein-rich meal such as the lower carb Tradie Pie can help tradies stay fuller for longer and promote a faster recovery after a hard day’s work”. 

Owner & CEO of Harry’s Café de Wheels, Daniel Beuthner said: “Tradie’s love for a meat pie is iconic. They are among our most popular customers and we see hundreds in our stores almost every day.

"In fact, we know it’s their second most popular choice of meal on site because they are quick, tasty and can be eaten with one hand. 

“With a strong team of food professionals with over 50 years experience behind the recipe, our goal was to elevate the state’s most famous pie by tailoring it to tradies and making it healthier — without, of course, losing its delicious flavour. We’ve achieved exactly that with the Tradie Pie.” 

Nicholas Ellery, VP of Marketing at hipages, said: “Our mission has always been to help support Aussie tradies both on and off-site, and the Tradie Pie achieves exactly that. Harry’s Café de Wheels has been the perfect partner to bring this to life, and we can’t wait for tradies to taste it. 



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