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Now you can say cheers at Christmas with your best friend with the launch of pet-friendly beer and wine.


Research reveals one in four Aussies intend to spend more on furry friend, than best friend this Christmas…  and one in three would prefer to spend Christmas Day with their pet over their partner’s family, in-laws and/or extended family.


BoozeBud - one of Australia’s largest online-only wine, beer and spirits retailers - has launched BestBud: a cracking curated collection of pet-friendly beers and wine gifts for Aussies looking for the pawfect present this Christmas and holiday season. (Don't worry, all our alcohol free and hand-bottled by a pet nutrionist)


New research reveals that, on average, Aussie cat and pooch parents will spend about $75 spoiling their furbaby this Christmas, with one in three splashing out and spending $100 or more.


Highlighting who is really ‘man’s best friend’, a quarter of all Aussie pet parents* will spend more on their dog or cat than their best mate at Christmas. One in five will spend more on their pet, than their own partner or parents!


With over half of all Aussie pet parents citing they regularly or occasionally enjoy having a beer or a wine with their feline or canine companion, the new curated offering on BoozeBud allows Aussies to shout and share** a safe drink with their furry family members during the festivities.


“Socialising, hosting and gifting beer and wine is so popular during the holidays that we wanted to make sure those furry family members were catered for too," Ryan Agar, Head of E-Commerce at BoozeBud, said.

"We already offer low and no alcohol options for humans, so we’re pleased to now offer an alcohol-free, pet nutritionist developed collection for our canine and feline friends.”


Who will be left in the doghouse this Christmas? Not many dogs. One in two Aussie pooch parents believe it is important that their dog doesn’t get left out of the festivities at Christmas, and reiterating the love Aussies have for their pet animals, a third (1 in 3) cite they would actually prefer to spend Christmas Day with their pet over their partner’s family, in-laws and/or extended family.


BestBud’s selected collection of drool-worthy drinks include bottles of Pawroni ($11.95), cans of Paw Blonde ($9.95) and Pawsecco ($14.95). Each has been hand-blended and bottled by an accredited pet nutritionist.


Containing absolutely no alcohol, preservatives or carbonation, these drinks are carefully crafted by L’Barkery in Queensland with premium dog and cat friendly ingredients (known for assisting with bone joint muscle and cartilage health).


For the real pampered pet, BoozeBud has also created a limited edition BestBud Hamper including a bottle of Pawroni, can of Pure Blonde, a Santa Cigar (edible treat) and a BestBud pet travel bowl - suitable for both cats and dogs, valued at over $40 and retailing for $27.


Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world, with approximately 69% of households in Australia owning pets, with dogs being the most common (48%), followed by cats (33%).


To buy some cat and doggy drinks from BestBud, go to BoozeBud.Com Christmas delivery cut date is Friday December 15.



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