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Dr Chris Brown with a cat

It's winter, and it's not just humans who need extra care to protect their skin and overall health from the cold, dry air. Our pets, too, can suffer from dry, itchy skin and other seasonal issues.

Fortunately, celebrity vet Dr Chris Brown has launched a new range of vet-quality treats, washes, and care products for dogs and cats called Drool, designed to keep your furry friends comfortable and healthy during the colder months.

Drool by Dr Chris Brown offers a comprehensive selection of products to maintain your pet's skin, coat, and overall health.

These veterinary-backed products are perfect for tackling the common winter woes that pets face, ensuring they stay comfortable and free from nasty skin conditions.

Top Drool Products to Protect Your Pet's Skin and Coat This Winter

1.Soothe My Skin Wash: This is a soothing, nourishing wash for all dogs, especially those with itchy skin who tend to lick their feet and bellies. It helps to alleviate irritation and provides gentle care for sensitive skin, ensuring your pet feels comfortable and relaxed.

2. Super Useful Skin Cream: This is your go-to soothing skin cream for your pet's feet, belly, and face. This cream not only soothes and nourishes but also acts as a barrier against dirt, pollens, and grasses. It is perfect for protecting sensitive areas from the harsh winter elements.

3. Nourish My Coat Wash: This innovative wash nourishes and cleans without stripping and drying out the coat. It ensures your pet's coat remains softer and shinier than ever, providing a luxurious feel and look while maintaining essential moisture.

Dr Chris Brown with a dog

5. No Time To Wash Spray: The best product for those chilly winter days when it's too cold to give your dog a full bath. This freshen-up and detangling spray is perfect for coats sprinkled with mud, stench, and stray saliva. It is ideal for a quick clean after the chaos of the park, keeping your pet fresh and clean without the hassle of a full wash. This is a favourite of the Lifestyle News team.

6. Hypoallergenic Skin + Within Treats The best treat for dogs with a sensitive stomach, food allergies, persistent gut upsets, anal gland problems (scooting), and skin issues. These treats support overall digestive health while being gentle on your pet's stomach.

7. Furball and Skin Cat Treats: These treats are designed to help manage furballs and maintain skin and coat health all year round. They are designed to keep your cat's coat shiny and digestive system functioning smoothly.

Dr Brown's expertise and commitment to pet health shine through in every product, making Drool a trusted choice for pet owners looking to provide the best care for their beloved animals.

Make this winter cosy and itch-free for your pets with Drool by Dr Chris Brown. Our furry friends deserve the best care all year round.

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