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girl and cat
Photo: Sophie Hart

In a touching tribute to the bond between humans and their furry companions, Perth-based photographer Sophie Hart has introduced end-of-life photoshoots for pets.

These heartwarming sessions aim to preserve cherished memories of pets and their owners as they navigate the emotional journey of saying goodbye.

The concept of end-of-life photoshoots may sound unusual to some, but for Sophie Hart, it's an opportunity to capture the essence of the deep connection between pets and their human families.

"An end-of-life photoshoot involves capturing beautiful moments between pets and their owners, so that they will always have memories to look back on and remember their pets by," Sophie said.

"I try to capture as much of the pet's personality as possible and their interactions with their loved ones.

"The photoshoot consists of solo images of the pets, family photos, and of course close-ups of the little paws and ears! These sessions can be in-home or at a local park depending on how the pet is feeling."

Photo: Sophie Hart

The idea for these unique photoshoots was born out of a personal experience for Sophie.

"I lost my childhood cat in March this year," she said.. "Around a week before he passed, I did a photoshoot with him in our garden.

"I found these images brought me a lot of comfort after we lost him. It was really special to have all the little unique parts of his personality captured and preserved."

Photo: Sophie Hart

"I try to make a sad time joyful by focusing the session on fond memories of the pet," she said.

"Although we may talk about the sad things during the session, the focus is always on how loved and special the pet is! That's what I aim to achieve with the photos, and what they're designed to remind them of."



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