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Ever wondered what it's like to spend your day with four-legged furry friends instead of in an office? Bianca Santucci does - and describes it as the happiest job she has ever had.

Bianca runs Barking With Bianca in NSW, a dog training, doggie daycare and pet sitting service. But she also educates people in her community about pet care, and collects donations to support them.

"It's the best job I've ever had; I love bringing people together and putting a smile on their face. My work connects people in the community who have become friends from interacting through their dogs," she says.

"I volunteer with a local homeless group in Lalor park NSW, where I collect donations for people doing it tough. Recently I received a Ute full of pet food and items to assist the homeless and their pets. They were so appreciative!

"When I collect donations, it's all items, such as dog bed, dog or cat food, pet treats, dog jackets, dog toys, dog leads, cat food, cat scratching posts, cat toys, blankets for their pets. I also collect food and clothing for their two-legged owners."

As well, Bianca spends time with the homeless educating them on caring for their dogs.

In 2020, she won a local business award for outstanding pet care.

"Spending a day with the dogs is so much fun. It's exciting, challenging and rewarding at the same time. It always puts a smile on my face which fills me with joy," she says.

Before starting her business, Bianca worked in early childhood. She started volunteering at the RSPCA and that's where the idea came for her own business.

Find out more at Barking With Bianca.



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