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Hello Fresh Christmas Box
Hello Fresh Christmas Box

One of the best things about the silly season - apart from the all-round cheer - is the food, but cooking a Xmas feast can be stressful.

New research shows 6.2 million Aussies (23%) admitting they will be cooking their first festive meal in years – while some will be stepping into the kitchen during the holidays for the very first time.

On top of this, the rising cost of living means 42% will be cutting back on some of the usual festive food items, with 17% struggling for inspiration around what to cook as a result. In fact,

Google trends data shows there has been a +150% increase in searches for Christmas dinner recipes in the last 30 days.

New research from top meal delivery service HelloFresh reveals how Aussies are feeling about entertaining this festive season:

1. One quarter (24%) say planning a festival meal is the most stressful part of the season

2. Nearly half (49%) are looking for new ways to prepare lunch or dinner over the holidays

3. 41% admit to spending more money on food over the holiday period than at any time of year

4. While 26% wish they didn’t have to go grocery shopping over the Christmas period

As well, data from Roy Morgan reveal spending on food is projected to increase 2.4% this Christmas, mainly due to supply input increases

To help budding cooks ace their festive feasts, HelloFresh is bringing back its popular Festive Faves recipes and Christmas Box to reduce stress without sacrificing on flavour this holiday entertaining season.

Festive Faves:

1. Looking to add some Christmas flair to your holiday meals? Festive Fave recipes from HelloFresh will make it easy with a range of delicious recipes including Creamy Chicken and Sage Pie, Seared Pork and Cranberry-Thyme Sauce, Beef and Pistachio Meatloaves and more.

2. The recipes will be available from December 11 up until Christmas and will include 2x Festive dinners per week, alongside desserts and sides to complete the meal. Simply add your Festive Faves to your weekly HelloFresh box regular delivery.

Christmas Box:

1. HelloFresh’s Christmas box makes a traditional Christmas feast easier than ever. With dishes including Lemon and Rosemary Roast Chicken, Baked Christmas Ham and all of the sides, budding cooks can order their Christmas box now with no subscription required.

2. Starting at just $199, HelloFresh’s Christmas Box is available to order now until December 12 and will be delivered to customers from Thursday 21 to Saturday December 23.

3. A new addition this year, HelloFresh has unveiled a new Premium Christmas Box, so Aussies can create a showstopping feast with gourmet ingredients like salmon and prawns for $220.



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