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During some of the darkest days of her life, Emily Luise Anderson launched her own skincare business. Her baby was born not breathing (thankfully, he was revived but health problems remained) and her relationship with her father deteriorated. But instead of hiding away, the Perth woman decided to do something for herself. And so Emily Luise Skincare was born. Here is her story.

I gave birth to my second child in July of 2020. I already had a 12 year old at the time.

The baby was born with the cord wrapped hard twice around his neck; he was limp, blue and not breathing.

I remembered the midwife said when I was ready to push that the doctors were right outside but we wouldn’t need them. Then she was yelling: “bring them in!”

My husband thought he was losing us both because I was bleeding so much. Thankfully, we both survived but our baby has since has been diagnosed with a heart condition and global developmental delay,

I developed birth trauma and severe perinatal anxiety to the point that I can count on one hand the number of times I haven’t been the one to put the baby to bed in the past three years.

I lost my personality and joy and badly needed a creative outlet. I had no control over my baby's health problems and I needed something in my life I could control. So I started to research - it began at 3am when I was feeding the baby - into e-commerce, and then into my passion, skin care.

I found ingredients I liked and knew worked. I did so much research!! I bought ingredients and started blending to create my products. I was lucky to get advice from my friend Michelle who founded baby skincare company GAIA, and has extensive knowledge about preservatives and ingredients which led me to changing some of my formulas.

Emily Luise Anderson
Emily Luise Anderson

So that is how I started! My next goal is to do a cosmetic formulation course so I can start having more complex products down the line like moisturiser and some actives such as retinols & Vitamin C.

I want to develop and own every part of the business. I would love to one day have my own commercial grade lab just for Emily LUISE and be a fully qualified formation chemist.

That’s the dream!

But now, to help busy mothers, women, anyone really who navigate the overwhelming skincare industry, I simply take out all the unnecessary noise and have them focus on one thing, their skin barrier and the education behind it.

A healthy functioning skin barrier will resolve a lot of skin sensitivity, unwanted dullness, acne and many other ‘problems’ .

I am so passionate about what I do that when I am working on the business it is all about me for once! I get to control the wheel without a boss telling me what to do and when to do it.

I have already helped many women who thought their skin was never going to improve without expensive appointments and products.

So I guess I am really living the dream :)

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