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Losing weight can feel like a triumph, but for many, the battle doesn't end there. Despite our knowledge of healthy eating habits and the importance of exercise, the journey to maintaining weight loss is often fraught with challenges.

Research reveals a disheartening reality: within two years of shedding those kilos, more than half of the lost weight creeps back, escalating to over 80% regained by the five-year mark.

This phenomenon underscores the difficulty of sustaining weight loss over time, as individuals grapple with hormonal shifts and lifestyle adjustments.

Take the case of Georgina Holbeche, a woman from Western Australia, who shed a remarkable 65 kilograms in just six months.

However, swept up in the excitement of her transformed lifestyle, complete with newfound romance and exhilarating experiences, Georgina, pictured before and after her weight loss above, soon found herself back at square one, regaining nearly all the weight she had lost, save for 10 kilograms.

Despite feelings of disappointment and shame over her perceived setback, Georgina remained resolute in her determination to enact lasting change. Embarking once again on her health journey, she has managed to shed 39 kilograms to date.

Georgina now advocates for a more open dialogue surrounding the challenges of weight maintenance.

Reflecting on her journey, she emphasises the importance of prioritising oneself and being transparent about intentions with loved ones.

"I've learned that the hard way. It's taken me 10 years to say enough - I need to make lifestyle changes and not end up back on a diet," she said.

Her advice? Drawing a line in the sand and committing to sustainable lifestyle changes rather than temporary fixes.

Georgina stresses the importance of remaining vigilant and accountable, recognising that the journey to maintaining weight loss is an ongoing process.

As she looks toward the future, Georgina is determined to break free from the cycle of perpetual dieting.

"Decide to draw a line in the sand. I don't want to still be dieting in another 10 years. I also know my body won't handle it," she said.

Georgina lost her weight through The 1:1 Diet. She said having a consultant helped with her journey, and her weight loss was consistent.



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