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Hyaluronic acid is the beauty buzzword of the year - and now you can get a serum with three different types of this power ingredient to super boost your skin.

Renowned Australian cosmeceutical brand Synergie Skin has launched its first-ever hyaluronic acid serum, HyalaVive - a hydrating pink serum which boosts the moisture content in your skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

The pink vibrant hue is not added colour – it’s all the vitamin B12, which is 100% naturally derived.

And this ingredient is more than just a pretty shade; it penetrates into the deeper skin layers to reduce redness and irritation, whilst providing a much-needed boost to skin regeneration and barrier support.

Synergie Skin scientist Terri Vinson Jones says with a pioneering three-fold blend of triple-hyaluronic acid, TriCeramide Complex,and vitamin B12, HyalaVive promises more than surface-level hydration.

"This serum guarantees intense multi-level hydration, long-term barrier protection, deep cellular regeneration, and reduction of inflammation.," she says.

“HyalaVive’s creation was a clear vision from the outset: There are so many hyaluronic acid serums on the market.

"I waited until I had the perfect ingredient combo to revolutionise epidermal treatment, strengthen the barrier and take hydration to new levels.

"With an unprecedented three-fold blend of triple-hyaluronic acid, TriCeramide Complex, and vitamin B12, this formula not only hydrates but also regenerates, protects, and reduces inflammation.

"And the elegance is next level. HyalaVive feels like silk and the stunning pink hue is not added colour – it’s the vitamin B12 itself," she said,

Together, these elements amplify one another in synergy, replenishing our thirsty epidermis and building our best barrier.”


Harnessing the power of hyaluronic acids of three different molecular weights, three bio identical skin ceramides with TriCeramide Complex, and vitamin B12, HyalaVive literally dives deep into the skin.

From surface to cellular level hydration and regeneration, HyalaVive delivers the ultimate epidermal revival from the inside out, enabling the barrier to become its strongest self and the skin to be at its optimal health.

What’s in it?

1. Three tiers of Hyaluronic Acid: From high to ultra-low micro molecular weight, this ensures that the deepest layers of your skin receive optimal hydration, anti inflammatory benefits, and antioxidant protection against free radical damage

2. TriCeramide Complex: Reinforcing the skin's natural lipid system with bio-identical ceramides for a smoother, firmer complexion whilst reducing environmental damage, restoring the skin barrier, and boosting hydration levels even further.

3. Vitamin B12: The naturally pink super-vitamin, essential for reducing redness, protecting the vulnerable skin barrier, and healing damaged skin.



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